Zakharyan decides! Our main talent did not let Sochi take the first place

And Dynamo played clean without Shunin.

In case of a victory over Dynamo, Sochi would rise to a clear first place, beating Zenit for at least a day. But there was no change of leader today. At Fisht, the difference was made by the main talent of Russian football – Zakharyan

Dynamo after two matches without victories and a sensational defeat at home against Nizhny Novgorod lagged behind the leaders. Sandro Schwartz admitted that for these results the players got from him.

“After the meeting with Nizhny Novgorod, we had a tough talk and thoroughly analyzed everything. In the match against Sochi, the gas pedal must not be released for the entire 90 minutes, ”said the head coach of the blue and white.

The German’s personnel decisions were not long in coming: Tyukavin remained in reserve in Sochi. In addition, Laxalt and Shunin were not included in Dynamo’s application, but Schwartz explained their absence by injuries. Indeed, before the match, Shunin published his photo on Instagram, which showed that the goalkeeper had broken selections.

Dynamo started with good pressure, which bore fruit in the form of a quick goal. Shimanski robbed Noboa, who did not feel during the reception of the ball that he had an opponent behind him, and then Zakharyan decided the episode. Arsen did everything perfectly: he easily removed Rodrigao from the path, went into a position convenient for attacking the gate and shot accurately. Curiously, this was the first shot on target in the match. The Brazilian defender of Sochi played very poorly: he, in fact, framed Noboa with his bad pass.

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With the score 0: 1, the team of Vladimir Fedotov was able to add and put the Dynamo team to the penalty area of ​​Leschuk, who replaced Shunin. Sochi played the way they usually play at Fisht. Since 2020, Sochi have won 18 wins in 25 home games. More often, only Zenit won at home during this period. Thanks to the interaction of insiders, “kraiks” and even the right central defender Prokhin, who was connecting forward, the southerners found space in the half-flanks and created tension. However, Leshchuk didn’t need any crazy saves to play 45 minutes to zero.

Zakharyan unexpectedly did not make it to the second half. According to preliminary information, the 18-year-old midfielder received a minor injury. And Schwartz didn’t seem to have any other reason to change Arsen. By the way, Zakharyan now has two goals and three assists in eight matches of the new season.

After the break, Dynamo just played for the result, but at the same time scored. To Schwartz’s disappointment, from offside. Nevertheless, Igbun should be commended for the episode with the canceled VAR goal. The rare Nigerian on the field was supposed to freshen up the attack, according to Schwartz’s plan, and instead created the moment by working on the defensive. With his interception, Sly stopped the Sochi counter-attack, but his work devalued a small offside position.

Sochi residents used different methods to open up Dynamo’s defense. Once the ex-Dynamo player Joaozinho, executing a free kick, hit the crossbar. The hosts struck 23 hits, while the guests – only 10 (on target – 7: 5). But Schwartz’s team survived, including thanks to Leschuk’s save in the ending. Now Dynamo is ahead of Sochi by one point.