Zabolotny became the main character of the derby and removed the “curse of Fedun”. He has been waiting for this match for 12 years

The owner of “Spartak” assured that Anton would not score against his team again.

CSKA defeated Spartak in the 8th round of the RPL, and the Moscow derby had a protagonist. Moreover, this is the case when one player manages to do almost everything on the field. This footballer – Anton Zabolotny

In the first half, the teams had practically no chances, and Zabolotny was only marked with a yellow card shortly before the break. As it turned out later, not the last. The striker’s finest hour came in the 81st minute. After serving from the right flank, the Spartak players brought the ball to the leg of the midfielder of CSKA Bistrovich… That hit did not work. The ball hits the defender Kofrie, and bounced away from him to where Zabolotny stood all alone. Anton took aim and punched with the bottom into the near corner.

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A goal in a derby is always cool. But Zabolotny decided to give the moment bright colors and celebrated the goal scored truly royally. He rushed to the podium, jumped over the billboards and stood right in front of the fans with his arms outstretched. Only one young fan decided to touch the idol.

In the end, “Spartak” tried to make a bulk and avoid an offensive defeat, but everything again turned into a performance by Zabolotny. In the first compensated minute, for some reason, he dumped an opponent and received a well-deserved second yellow card. That’s what it means to have time to do everything on the field.

Fortunately for Anton, CSKA held out in the minority and won – 1: 0. The goal will be remembered for a long time, and the removal that did not play a role will fade into the background. So everything is clear with the main character.

Spartak continues to sink.  Now Vitoria lost and the derby
Spartak continues to sink. Now Vitoria lost and the derby

There is also room for drama in this story. It’s no secret that Zabolotny is a student of CSKA. For the first time he could play in a derby with Spartak in November 2009. Then 18-year-old Anton entered the army team’s application for the match of the penultimate round of the RPL. The meeting turned out to be memorable: it was on that day that Dzhanaev threw the ball into his own net and gave the victory to CSKA. Zabolotny did not appear on the field, and very soon began to travel on leases.

Zabolotny scored the only goal for Spartak so far in 2017, when he played for Tosno. The red and white were reigning champions, but Anton was not embarrassed: he made a “goal plus a pass” and brought his team a draw – 2: 2.

And after the match the owner of “Spartak” Leonid Fedun gave birth to a masterpiece: “What is happening now is an accident. A mistake at the end – and a goal. Zabolotny will no longer have such balls. Do you remember that Yanchik played for CSKA, who scored on the flag itself? I also said then that for him this was the first and last incident in his career. And he never scored like that to anyone else in his life. ” Unfortunately for Spartak, this time Leonid Arnoldovich missed.

In total, before today’s victory in the derby, Zabolotny had four meetings with Spartak and only one goal. But he would hardly have exchanged an accurate shot in the fifth match. Today Anton is the happiest person in the world.