Women’s football: 8 interesting facts

We continue to talk about women’s football, since too little attention is paid to this topic, but in vain! We have found eight interesting facts for our readers that should interest every number one game lover around the world. Let’s not hesitate and get straight to the point.

Fact number 1

As strange as it may sound, a woman is considered the highest paid player in the United States. Her name is Alex Morgan, and we have already mentioned her when we talked about the most beautiful football players. Now, to the fact that she is in the top beautiful football players, you can add the fact that she can earn more men at a professional level. Her annual earnings are approximately 3 million American presidents. So much for women’s football!

Alex Morgan

Fact number 2

For the first time, football among women began to be promoted in Scotland in the 18th century. It’s all about tradition. A team of married women played against a team of unmarried women. During the match, young men selected candidates for wives based on their behavior in a team game. Why don’t we have such traditions?

women's football in Scotland 19th century

Fact no. 3

Again, women are stronger than men. The record holder among the players with the most official matches in the leagues is Christine Lilly. She has 352 masts when her pursuer Song Jin An only has 252 games.

Kristine lilly

Fact no. 4

Women’s football is also on the big screens. The full-length film entitled “Men’s Women’s Game” was filmed by the director from Moscow Maria Makhanko. The 2011 sports drama looks easy and instructive, so we recommend watching it.

Fact number 5

The first official match among women was recorded back in 1895. The game took place in England, but soon (in 1921) the party was closed, citing the fact that this sport is not suitable for such delicate creatures and should not be encouraged anymore. This ban was lifted only in 1971 and to this day, women’s football is only developing and gaining momentum in many developed countries.

the delights of women's football

Fact no. 6

Do you think Ronaldo or Messi are the most productive in modern football? No matter how it is! Have you heard about soccer player Abby Wambach? So she scored 184 goals in 255 official games of the international level.

Abby Wambach

Fact number 7

Men want to watch women playing. Especially when the game takes place at a high level. For example, let’s take a friendly match between the women’s teams of England and Germany. This confrontation in 2014 gathered 50 thousand viewers, when a similar event among men, which took place a little earlier, gathered 10 thousand fewer fans.

England women's national team

Fact no. 8

And now about the funniest thing. Although you may argue that all women’s football is fun, this information is especially interesting. The fact is that a resident of Manchester, whose name is Gemma Hughes, achieved that she was allowed to create a special football league, where girls could play only in their underwear. Guys, would you go to such matches?

football erotica

Once again we tried to change the stereotypical thinking about women’s football and we hope we succeeded. We will continue to develop this topic, which seems very interesting to us, so stay tuned for our updates and stay in touch!