Wide boot: our wide fit selection

It is not the first time that letters have come to our editorial office asking for advice on some wide boots so that it is comfortable to play in them when you have a non-standard or wide foot. These are the boots we want to talk about today.

For you, we have created our own selection of models, which we recommend to pay special attention to if you feel discomfort when playing in “standard” boots that are sewn on “typical” legs. We formed our selection based on our own experience, as we ourselves faced this issue, and on the basis of the opinions of our readers and players who also had to face this problem.

Criterias of choice

Before we get started, let’s tell you what we looked at when we selected the wide boots for you. First of all, we focused on the following parameters:

  • shoe width;
  • elasticity of the top;
  • lifting height;
  • foot fixation system.

Now it only remains to remember all the models that we had on reviews and in which we ourselves had a chance to play. Well, let’s go!

Our selection

We want to put Puma Future in the impromptu first place. This is a really wide boot with a great adaptive upper and a unique lacing system that allows for anatomical lace-ups. That is, the material of the upper stretches well, and the proprietary lacing system will allow you to lace up in a convenient way without sacrificing comfort. Also, in this model, the last is not too narrow, so the foot should not feel discomfort.

Puma FUTURE 18.1 NetFit Released

The next pair is the Adidas Copa 18.1. Here you have a not too narrow last and a great elastic upper. Overall, this shoe is very comfortable to wear on its own, but it has also been tested to fit well with a wide foot, hold it in place and allow you to play in comfort.

Move on. We strongly recommend that you try on any model of the Nike Hypervenom collection you like. It doesn’t even matter which generation, as all models have a wider last than what Nike usually uses, and the highly adaptive upper will stretch just to fit the shape of the foot.

Nike Hypervenom

We also recommend that you pay attention and try on boots from the latest Nike Phantom Vision collection. New adaptive upper + not too narrow outsole – should fit a non-standard foot. You can also watch the latest generation of Nike Tiempo, but you need to try it on there, but measure with the expectation that the kangaroo skin eventually spreads a little and becomes less tight.

Nike Phantom Vision

And at the end there are two representatives from New Balance: Tekela and Furon 4.0. Two fresh models that even visually show that they are made outside the box and have a wider base of both the upper and the outsole. Add a responsive upper with cool tech that has great ball grip. At the end, we get cool wide boots with modern technology and a high level of comfort.

That’s all. And one more important point – be sure to measure everything… Each player has an individual foot structure, which is influenced by many factors, among which past injuries clearly make their own adjustments. Also remember that the boots stretch a little after wearing, which is also important to consider when choosing the right pair.