Why hasn’t Vitoria been fired from Spartak yet? There are three simple explanations

Coach support is the logical and only correct option for the club right now. And it’s not about the money.

After three wins in eleven matches of the new season, the question of a possible resignation of Ruya Vitoria from “Spartak” many seem rhetorical. What else is Fedun waiting for, because the team not only wins, but was able to score more goals per match only once per season? The defeats to Legia, in the derby with CSKA and the 10-point gap from Zenit seemed to leave no questions about the coach’s future at the club. But no: Spartak still trusts the Portuguese and expects victories from the team. Although in the past, coaches were removed with better results. Why it happens?


For “Spartak” is no longer ashamed. It’s just a pity for him

1. “Spartak” is not as bad as it seems from its results

Firstly, it is not worth exaggerating the scale of the tragedy in the team. Yes, not everything is going smoothly in the relationship between the coach and the Russian backbone of the team: according to our information, it is not easy for everyone to get used to Vitoria’s calmer approach after energetic Tedesco. Yes, the team does not convert chances and loses matches. But there is no hopelessness from Spartak’s game – the defeats to Legia and CSKA were, rather, a coincidence: Spartak certainly did not look worse than an opponent. And on the expected points “Spartak” is now the fourth in the RPL.

Vitoria is an experienced European coach. And, of course, they are expected to solve the problem from him – right now we need to get out of the crisis and cope with the pressure. Vitoria himself, according to our information, had previously assured the club’s management that he was able to work under pressure. There is a chance to prove it to Fedun. Who seems afraid to repeat the mistakes of the past: one of the sources close to the club told us that the owner of the club still hasn’t forgotten the success story Unai Emery, who with his trophies constantly reminds the owner of “Spartak” about his resignation from the club in 2012.

Spartak has a lot of problems.  Maksimenko at the gate is not the last of them

Spartak has a lot of problems. Maksimenko at the gate is not the last of them

2. The management of the club understands that they did not help Vitoria much in the summer

“Spartak” carried out a transfer campaign worse than its competitors. Vitoria did not wait for the players in the center of the field, where he asked for reinforcement, lost Kral and got one Kofrie in defense. The club admitted that Spartak did not implement everything, and now they understand that there are problems with the line-up (Spartak has only two players who are quite experienced in the starting line-up – Umyarov and Hendrix). an objective reason for failure, and it is difficult to blame Vitoria for this. At the same time, the presence of Litvinov in the team can even be considered a plus for the coach: earlier there was information in the media that under the Portuguese coach, the club expected progress from the youth. The sad situation with injuries is favorable for this – the coach will soon run out of experienced players.

The hysteria around Spartak is greatly exaggerated.  Let Vitoria work!

The hysteria around Spartak is greatly exaggerated. Let Vitoria work!

3. It is very difficult to find an adequate replacement for a coach.

The season is in full swing, so it is not easy to quickly fire one coach and appoint another. Moreover, right now there is no sports director in the club, who should clarify the issue of the coach as well.

But the main difficulty in finding a coach is not their absence on the market. Stanislav Cherchesov, whom many have already sent to Spartak, is still free. And if you need a foreigner – there is Gennaro Gattuso… The club’s problem is that it is simply unprofitable to go there as a coach. “Spartak” is unattractive for good specialists at the moment. You can lure with money, but perhaps that’s all.

Spartak continues to sink.  Now Vitoria lost and the derby

Spartak continues to sink. Now Vitoria lost and the derby

It is important for the club and specifically for Fedun to show confidence in a foreign specialist at a difficult moment. In the summer, after the civil war of the club in the telegram channels, it became clear: in “Spartak” trouble with the trust of the coach. Then there was a feeling that Tedesco wanted to see everyone in the club, and at the same time no one wanted to see. And the summer transfers of the club (and even Popov’s departure) under Vitoria confirm that coaches have to work in a state of constant stress. So now it is important for the club to make it clear to both Vitoria and his potential replacements: Spartak supports their own in a difficult situation. Otherwise, it will be even more difficult to lure a tough coach into the team in the future.