What should be the weight of a soccer ball?

Often, when playing a soccer ball, young, and sometimes even experienced football players, do not ask themselves about the parameters of the playing field, which must comply with certain rules. Today we will figure out what the weight of a soccer ball should be in order for it to be able to play official games.

We once wrote about the FIFA football standards, but we talked more about the size standards there, and today we will talk about the weight. Briefly, of course, but the main thing is to give our readers an answer to this question.

soccer ball weight

Ball weight

In fact, the weight of a soccer ball can be different, but if you take the ball for official games, then it must be within the acceptable limits. Let’s take two sizes of weight as an example:

  1. Size 4 (for futsal). The weight of the projectile should be between 350-390 grams.
  2. Size 5 (for big football). The weight of the projectile should be in the range of 410-450 grams.

Looking at these standards, it is worth choosing special balls that have passed certain tests and have special quality certificates. Such balls are “branded” with special marks. FIFA Approved or FIFA Inspected… In other cases, the weights may differ if we consider balls of an amateur level or from little-known manufacturers that produce low-quality products.

Also note that there are also women’s balls that have a lower weight and circumference for both futsal and football. Children’s balls are produced with a minimum weight and a special lightweight design, so they should not be confused with futsal or other sports.

what is the weight of the soccer ball

We hope we have clarified what the weight of a soccer ball should be and you will make the right choice when buying, because now the assortment is so huge that it is easy to make a mistake and buy a ball that is only suitable for playing in the yard.