What do fakes of popular boot models look like?

Now is the time that there are enough scammers who manage to sell fakes instead of original boots. Here, the promiscuity of buyers plays a role and the fact that the quality of fakes is growing, but there are such fakes, by which you can immediately determine their cheapness and lack of quality. Let’s talk today how to calculate fakes and at the same time show some models that are similar to the now popular boots.

How to distinguish a fake?

It would seem that the question is quite simple, but many people ask it, so we consider it reasonable to answer it. Let’s list the most obvious criteria for determining a fake:

  1. Low price… Well, the original boots cannot cost a penny. You just need to remember this rule and doubt every time when you are offered too cheap a price.
  2. Only visual similarity… Usually, the silhouette and design of the boots is simply copied, when all the technologies, of course, are not used, since fake factories do not even know how to do something similar, and it is too expensive for them.
  3. Crooked seams and glue marks… This is almost always present on fakes.
  4. Models of the same type… Look at the assortment of the seller, who in most cases will look almost the same boots from the same brand, albeit of different models. The fact is that they are sewn in one form, and then they are only painted to match the design of the original.
  5. Cheap materials… It even happens that the boots must be textile, and the fake is still made from cheap synthetics. At the same time, synthetics are of low quality, when folded, they leave traces of a fracture, there is no elasticity and have an unpleasant odor.
  6. Uniform outsole… This is the original, you can choose the sole and the combination of spikes for the desired coverage. The fake, as a rule, uses a standard sole for all occasions.

What to do?

Leading sports brands are also not sitting still and are at war with those who profit from their many years of work. In case anyone has not noticed, in recent years brands such as Nike and Adidas have released budget versions in almost every line of boots. This allows you to take original products, which will be of much better quality than a fake, almost at the price of a fake. The manufacturer understands that people want to run in new products, but not everyone has enough finance for a top-end variation, so they began to produce budget boots specifically for this, where, of course, there will not be advanced technologies, but still there will be normal quality and original design.

Nike knockoffs

Let’s now take a look at what fake products from different brands look like. First, let’s look at Nike knockoffs. We will try to find the latest models for you to make it clear. Well, let’s start with the Nike Mercurial Vapor 13. According to the Chinese factory, these boots should look like this and be in non-existent colors:

fake Nike Mercurial Vapor 13

fake Nike Mercurial Vapor 13

Firstly, even visually it doesn’t look like the model produces graphics. Secondly, synthetics instead of seamless fabric. Thirdly, a molded sole with an incomprehensible combination of spikes. Fourth, this is an egg-shaped shape. Go ahead, and next in line is the Nike Mercurial Vapor CR7 Edition. We look at this work of art:

fake Nike Mercurial Vapor CR7 Edition

They can be executed only for one such curve. And notice that this Mercurial Vapor CR7 Edition has the exact same synthetics with the same texture as the previous Nike Mercurial Vapor 13. Same stud arrangement, same egg shape, same obscure toe, and same lacing. In general, these are two identical models, only painted in different colors, although they differ from the originals.

These are the latest Nike Tiempo. Notice how they implemented an internal ribbed frame that is wrapped in genuine calfskin:

fake Nike Tiempo

Rough synthetics with a ribbed texture, but what is most interesting, there is even supposedly ACC technology, which is applied only to textiles in boots. Well, the Chinese factory doesn’t know this, they don’t need it. We think that the principle of production of fakes in the examples shown is already clear to you. Moving on!

Adidas fakes

Moving on to the next eminent brand. Adidas fakes also look ridiculous and ridiculous, especially when you held the originals in your hands and ran in them. Even visually, you can see how badly everything is done, you don’t even have to take a fake in your hands to understand that they have cheap gluing, low-quality materials and that even at the factory they didn’t guess the right shape. Let’s see how, according to their version, the latest generation Adidas Copa should look like:

fake adidas copa

We understand that this is an attempt to replicate the Adidas Copa 19.1, but why don’t they want to fake the top 19+ version that comes without laces? It would be interesting to see how they implement the Nemeziz boots, but so far we have not seen any fakes for this collection. But we met Adidas Predator:

fake Adidas Predator

If you look closely, the silhouette and shape of the last two fakes are the same. It’s good that at least the embossing is different and they are still trying to repeat the original style. It makes little sense to show other fakes, since they will have non-existent colors, a crooked design and the same shape as the fakes in these photos.

Fakes Puma

At the end, we will show some more examples that cause tears of affection. If you are in the know, the manufacturer has long since closed the Puma EvoSpeed ​​line of boots and is not updating them, as they are now focused on developing new collections. However, the Chinese, apparently, are not aware of these events and in 2019 they offer us new versions of them:

fake Puma EvoSpeed

fake Puma EvoSpeed

There is nothing in common with the original here at all, not to mention that such colors did not exist. In general, everything is done here by analogy, as with other brands. They do not get dirty too much, as long as it is at least a little like the original and it doesn’t matter that they can’t do it.

We think you understood the principle and clearly saw how the fake differs from the original. Save your money, because it is better to buy an original budget version from a well-known brand, albeit a little overpaying, but the shoes will last longer, look good and will be more comfortable to play in. A miser pays twice – in our case, this is a relevant statement, so shop only from official representatives or in trusted stores.