We show the best feints that the history of football remembers

We all love spectacular football. At the same time, we love not only to watch spectacular football, but also want to play it effectively. And what kind of spectacular football can do without beautiful feints? That’s right, none! That is why we decided to develop the theme of football tricks and today we will show you the best feints that have already been inscribed in the history of world football.

best feints

For you, we have found a cool video that shows the best feints performed by already legendary players in modern football. Many of them have already finished their careers, but their tricks are popular and relevant to this day. We have already written an article about some of the classic tricks, but in this video these tricks are shown in a different way, with a more detailed story about their origin and which players have used them the most. In addition, the video contains cool humor and a visual demonstration of the trick, as well as an explanation of its important nuances.

We recommend this video to everyone who wants to learn how to play effectively, because these tricks are the basis that everyone who wants to perform more complex feints should be able to do.