This is a must see! New Balance Furon 4.5 Limited Edition Tech Release

Guys, this is something! You need to see it, but it is better to try, because this release in its own way made a small revolution in the football market. Today we are talking about the new New Balance Furon 4.5 Limited Edition – a professional shoe with an exclusive design and a set of technologies that we have never seen from this brand. Honestly, we were amazed by this new product and will try to convey this delight to you.

New top

If in the first Furon models the top was, frankly, harsh, now this problem simply does not exist. Thanks to two new technologies, the upper has become as adaptable as possible and allows you to literally wrap your foot.

New Balance Furon 4.5 Limited Edition

Note that the top consists of two materials:

  1. Frame FantomFit is a mesh upper for ball contact.
  2. Hidraskin is an adaptive synthetic membrane with excellent elasticity and memory.

The anatomical construction of the upper and the use of seamless materials are the main features of the New Balance Furon 4.5 Limited Edition, which sit on the leg like a glove even without lacing. By the way, the lacing here also pleased. More precisely, not lacing, but a fixation system, which includes just lacing (excuse the tautology) and a sewn-in tongue made of Hidraskin material. The elastic tongue is part of the upper structure and due to its elasticity, it locks the foot well inside the shoe. Lacing only complements the fixation effect if the player has problem feet or has some specific features of the foot structure.

New Balance Furon 4.5 Limited Edition Football Boots

By the way, in this model the lacing clamps are plastic plates instead of traditional holes. It not only looks impressive, but also practical to use. When you tighten the laces, you feel how the fixation is carried out along the entire length, since the soft material does not pull together in certain places, and all the efforts applied are taken by the plates on the sides.

New Balance Furon 4.5 Limited Edition Pro Football Boots

As for other details, everything is standard here in terms of a reinforced toe and heel zone, as well as a soft shock-absorbing insole. And one more pleasant moment – high-quality gluing without traces of glue, which, even under great effort, shows excellent contact between the upper and the sole.


Of course, there are some peculiarities here. The New Balance Furon 4.5 Limited Edition used the original Sprinter second generation outsole, which has not been modified. Yes, the color palette is new, but technologically the TPU plate with multi-directional studs remains the same. As expected, this bottom is aimed at fast attacking players, which is the trump card of this collection of boots.

New Balance Furon 4.5 Limited Edition sole


The low-profile, lightweight novelty draws attention with its striking design and, when put on your feet, captivates with its comfort. A very interesting release that challenges its direct competitors. We think that we will see the New Balance Furon 4.5 Limited Edition on top-level players, since it will be difficult to pass by such a technological novelty.