The return of the legendary Adidas Predator boots

Exactly 17 years have passed. Adidas decided to remember the past and resurrect the legendary Adidas Predator with the same design, but with a set of new technologies. What awaits us with the return of the classic boots? Let’s take a closer look at the new product and identify its strongest points.

But first, let us remind you that the “traitors” were favorite boots in the 2000 era for such famous football players as David Beckham, David Trezeguet and, of course, for Patrick Kluivert, who this year became the European champion. This model was distinguished by its special strength and convenience, as well as the most accurate strike when meeting standards. It is the master of accurate passes and strikes, we are now talking about Beckham, and presented the novelty in 2021, which became very significant for modern football, which lacks a few classic notes.

Adidas Predator

Adidas Predator Precision 2021

Visually, the new boots differ from their predecessors in blue colors with red elements. Classic white stripes and a recognizable shape with a long tongue with Velcro are all for the delight of fans, but still some technological changes have been made.

It is this model that is as close as possible to the original in execution, despite the recent re-releases, so it deserves a separate consideration. So, let’s go through the components of the boots:

  • soft kangaroo leather upper;
  • leather tongue covering the lacing, fastened to the base with Velcro;
  • sewn-in rubber pads with original texture in the toe area for better ball control;
  • classic lacing;
  • soft insole;
  • similar to the original sole, made on the basis of the Adidas ACE 17 sole.

Adidas Predator Precision 2021

What do we get in the end?

As a result, we get the same reliability and practicality in use even with intensive wear, a comfortable shape of the construction with good fixation and light weight, which was achieved through the use of a lightweight sole with good elasticity and due to lighter kangaroo leather.

Adidas Predator 2021

The streamlined shape demonstrates excellent aerodynamic characteristics, allowing you to take decent acceleration, and rubber pads will help you not lose control of the ball even at high speeds, showing dribbling and good passing accuracy.

Adidas Predator Football Boots

We believe that resurrecting such models is a good tradition that should be continued. Modern boots, unfortunately, not everyone can give a long service life through the use of advanced technologies aimed more at comfort than practicality. Old school football will definitely appreciate the new Adidas Predator, which will hit stores in limited quantities from September 5, 2021.