The professional boot from the latest Nike collection

Today’s review will be for experienced players looking to buy professional boots to improve their performance. Of course, our work will also be useful to those who follow the market and want to stay in the know, which boots are now top-notch and what technologies are used in their production. We have looked at the latest Nike collections and are ready to offer you some interesting models that will surely interest you.

Nike Mercurial Vapor 360 Elite

Let’s start with a model without a sock, but with decent enough characteristics to be called professional. As with all top-of-the-line boots, this boot features a Flyknit upper with a special micro-texture for a perfect ball touch. The one-piece material is highly breathable, highly adaptable, so it provides a perfect fit. In addition, the proprietary construction wraps the foot 360 degrees and provides a snug fit so as not to compromise comfort and at the same time to prevent the foot from slipping in the shoe.

The revolutionary sole with a separate toe and heel zone deserves special attention. This design provides zonal grip at the right time, weighs practically nothing, has a spectacular appearance and is quite effective in all types of movement. Responsible for cushioning is a low-profile insole that does not slip and at the same time significantly reduces shock loads.

Nike Hypervenom III Elite Dynamic Fit

We put this professional boot on a par with the Nike Mercurial Superfly VI Elite, which you can read an overview here. Both of these models are designed for attacking players and are Nike’s technological advancements of the moment. Let’s walk through the main benefits of the Nike Hypervenom III Elite Dynamic Fit:

  • Flyknit upper for an adaptive fit
  • leg fixation with Flywire cords integrated into the lacing system;
  • special relief of the material in the impact zones for better ball control;
  • Dynamic Fit elastic knitted sock for fixing the lower leg;
  • seamless upper without tongue;
  • asymmetric lacing;
  • contoured insole;
  • inner padded heel counter for fixing the heel;
  • clever stud configuration for a secure grip.

Nike Magista Obra II Elite Dynamic Fit

Before us, one might say, is a copy of the previous model, but with a different design and some distinctive features:

  • ACC coverage for any weather;
  • slightly different top relief;
  • internal backdrop of a different design;
  • outsole construction with a swivel zone in the forefoot;
  • different spike configuration.

Nike Hypervenom Phantom III Elite Anti-Clog

And one more model without a toe, but with its own characteristics. As you have already noticed, all the latest top-of-the-line Nike products are plus / minus the same. This model will not be a difference, it also has a Flyknit upper, Flywire threads integrated into the lacing, there is also a special relief in the impact zone for high-quality contact with the ball and other technological features. The main distinguishing features of these particular boots are special zones for air exchange and the Nike HyperReactive instep support with a flexible toe zone. This special design of the instep support provides the player with stabilization and shock absorption during jerks and sudden changes in direction.

These are the professional boots we would like to recommend to our readers to evaluate, because at the moment this is the best that the sports laboratory can offer to football players. And do not forget that the presented models can be found in different color and design variations, since new packs are released almost every month, so the assortment is constantly replenished with new products to the delight of customers.