The New Era of the Nike Mercurial Superfly VI Elite Professional Boot

The new Nike Mercurial Superfly VI Elite Professional Football Boots officially go on sale February 14, and should be this year’s hit and the choice of top soccer players. The world will see this novelty first in three basic colors, although there is a feeling that this design sophistication will not end there. We will review it based on the brightest color scheme – pure orange, which attracts attention, but we are more interested not in the design, but in the technological part.

But it’s worth starting with design, since color here is far from playing a key role. The main feature of the Nike Mercurial Superfly VI Elite is full adaptive fit of the foot, maximum acceleration and total control of the ball. This is all on the conscience of the technological part, but what immediately catches the eye is the new relief pattern of the toe zone. The striped structure is used for the first time and we have not seen this in previous generations.

The main material of the upper is worth noting right away – it is Flyknit with a special micro-texture. The entire construction of the boot is built to provide full 360-degree coverage of the foot. The one-piece upper with a dynamic Fit toe is all we’ve seen in the 2020 Flyknit Ultra, so this combination is considered practical and comfortable to wear.

In our case, we see a redesigned upper called the Flyknit 360. The new design virtually eliminates the movement of the foot inside the boot, comparable to the banding design in the Nemeziz 17+ 360 Agility. We mean that the upper fabric is treated with something to keep its shape and to be able to play on a wet lawn, but the manufacturer is silent about this nuance yet.

What other details are important to note? We would also focus on:

  • integrated lacing system;
  • reinforced backdrop;
  • anatomical insole;
  • dense structure of the sock.

Another major innovation of this novelty is the two-piece outsole. A revolutionary new plate is used in the forefoot to provide reliable traction where the footballer needs it. Despite the separation of the toe and heel plates, the outsole has a solid construction and does not “ride” from side to side. A very interesting technology, but it is not yet clear how it is implemented and how practical it is for intense play.

Let’s summarize. Fresh enough, there are innovations, stylish design, but there is also a minus – this is an inflated price tag, which either professionals or collectors can master. It is clear that this is a novelty and then it will drop in price, but to start sales, they greatly inflated the price. But overall, the boots leave a very positive impression.