The new era of adidas football boots

Just the other day, Adidas really surprised the world with the news that it is launching a new format of transforming football boots. The new technology has received the name GLITCH and has not yet been officially presented, but the whole football world is already discussing this new product in full, wondering how the developers managed to implement this idea and how much the new boots will be reliable in use.


Revolutionary idea

The whole revolutionary nature of the new development lies in the fact that each player can create for himself the style of his boots, using different modules, which, when connected, form boots with full adaptation to the characteristics of the player’s feet and taste.


If you delve into the essence of this development, then the rate here is placed on the personalization of the design for each player, when the question of practicality remains open. Once the Adidas company tried to make such transformers and at that time this development did not take root at all, having stumbled upon a mountain of criticism and discontent. Let’s see how the players react to the emergence of GLITCH, which was shown by young footballers from London as a new era in gaming boots.


What is GLITCH? It is a removable design consisting of two sections:

  • inner boot;
  • external cladding.

GLITCH combines the best developments of the company, therefore, it will provide players with full adaptability of their playing shoes, both to the peculiarities of the structure of their feet and to the playing fields. Oh yes, the main feature of the new boots is their slip-on construction, as well as the ability to choose, in addition to the design, the desired configuration of cleats.


It will be possible to use this miracle very soon, but sales will begin in the UK, where a group of players secretly tested the novelty throughout 2016. GLITCH will be offered as standard with six upper color variations and four liner styles.


We can only wait for the novelty and test it, since there are many questions regarding their reliability and comfort. We are not worried about the design, but the practical side of the issue remains open.