The main signs of the quality of a football uniform

Now players are accustomed to the fact that their uniforms are comfortable, technologically advanced and look great. And it’s great when you receive equipment on a sponsorship basis, but when you start choosing for yourself, you notice that in the assortment of even one manufacturer there are options with prices that can be very radically different among themselves. At the same time, the form may look almost the same, but the price will be different for them. Why is that? How to choose a high-quality game kit and not lose it?

Modern tendencies

Let’s omit the history, since few people are now interested in who and in what year it was thought up to sew a football uniform and why it has just such an appearance today. Let’s get straight to the point. What is the most important thing when sewing any clothes? Of course, this is the quality and type of materials used. This is where we start.

football uniform

So what materials are most commonly used now? We would distinguish 3 main types of fabric:

  1. Cotton… A form was always sewn from this material, since it is natural, very soft, absorbs moisture well and can be painted in any color. But there are also disadvantages, because of which they began to refuse it today. It is difficult to care for (improper washing and the material is deformed) and it dries for a long time, which is not practical for sports where the athlete must run dry. In addition, cotton crumples a lot and can cause irritation on the body when wet.
  2. Combination of cotton and synthetics… Almost the same situation as with cotton, however, the addition of synthetics allows things to keep their shape longer after numerous washes, and also affects the faster drying of the material.
  3. Polyester… A new type of synthetic material, completely safe for humans. It does not absorb moisture, breathes well, is durable, can have a different structure and can be dyed in any color. Of the minuses – it is electrified and is considered by the people “not natural”.

It should be understood that natural materials are really cool, but completely impractical for sports. They absorb and retain moisture when synthetics can wick it away from the body. That is why today manufacturers are inventing proprietary types of polyester-based materials that differ from each other in weight, texture and the ability to quickly remove heat / moisture from the body.

What are the other parameters to choose a football uniform? We would highlight the following points:

  • Anatomical cut… The uniform must fit correctly on the athlete, strictly along his body. Not to hang like a curtain, but to make everything comfortable, nothing interfered with the naturalness of movements and did not cause discomfort.
  • Minimum number of seams… Less seams – less chafing and irritation on the body.
  • Ventilation zones… This will allow the form to breathe and better conduct heat away from the body, which means less sweat, odor and discomfort.
  • Material quality… Synthetics are synthetics. It can be of different texture, thickness, elasticity and may differ in other quality indicators. Here, of course, experience will tell who likes which material more, how the skin reacts to it and how comfortable it is to play in it.
  • Ease of care… Now leaving is only one trivial moment – regular washing in an automatic stylish machine. A high-quality uniform will survive hundreds of washes and will not deform, lose its color, cough, and even less tear (if you use the right chemicals for washing).
  • Manufacturability… Each brand has its own proprietary developments that are responsible for regulating the micro-climate. Ever heard of Dri-Fit, ClimaCool or Micro-Mesh? The names are different, the materials also look different, but their essence is the same – to create a comfortable micro environment for the body.

We do not touch the design, because this is too an individual issue, where everyone has their own preferences. Yes, many now primarily look at the stylist, which, in fact, is correct, but do not forget about the technical part. It should be not only comfortable, but also pleasant to play in the chosen form, since the sense of style is very developed in football today. A beautiful shape gives confidence, so experiment with colors and designs, since now manufacturers are ready to surprise us with an unprecedented assortment.

The main signs of the quality of a football uniform

Based on the foregoing, today a really high-quality form cannot be very cheap. If you are too cheap – get ready to play without comfort and put up with the fact that after each wash your clothes will rapidly lose their original appearance. There are always options to buy something with the best value for money, since an amateur does not need an expensive professional uniform and vice versa. Moreover, now each brand cares about its prestige, so even amateur models are trying to do it with the highest quality, so that a player with any income is satisfied with his purchase.