“The judge is unfit for the job.” Slutsky retired in the match with Zenit, and then smashed the referee

The Rubin coach is sure that everything is not accidental.

Rubin and Zenit played an interesting match in the 8th round of the RPL. In this meeting there were beautiful goals, playing with heels, and at some point, even intrigue, but one of the key moments did not happen on the field.

Super game
Super game “Zenith” in Kazan. Semak outplayed Slutsky, and Dzyuba made a double

Rubin head coach Leonid Slutsky emotionally reacted to the decisions of the judge Sergei Ivanov… It seemed to the Kazan mentor that the referee was not punishing Zenit players harshly enough for breaking the rules. By the last 30 minutes, Slutsky finally warmed up. At 62nd, he received a yellow card for being too emotional. But this was not the end of it.

At the 76th minute, Rubin’s midfielder Hwang In Byeom rushed to the counterattack, where he was surrounded by two Zenit players. One of them broke the rules, but Ivanov ignored the moment. The Korean decision was enraged by the judge, and he rushed in his direction, waving his arms. Ivanov instantly awarded the player with a yellow card, and then saw what was happening near the sideline. And there Slutsky was “burning out” with might and main, who, apparently, did not care that he already had a yellow one. The Rubin coach yelled at Ivanov and continued to do so, even having received the second card, after which he was obliged to leave the bench. At the same time, Slutsky did not cover his mouth with his hand, so if there are lip-reading masters among you, then you can appreciate all the richness of the 50-year-old specialist’s vocabulary.

“Rubin” was not enough emotions. The hosts lacked more than one goal, and the match ended with the natural victory of Zenit, which in the first half was three heads stronger than the rival – 3: 1.

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After the match, Slutsky did not cool down and fell on the referee with an angry tirade. “Judge Ivanov is incompetent, and I do not consider it an accident that since 2006 I have had one removal when I worked in“ Moscow ”. After that, almost 600 matches in my career at the highest level, no one sent me off, even in Vitesse, when it was after the game and there was no red card. Twice I have been removed from three in my entire career in 15 years, and both times Ivanov does it. I do not consider this to be an accident. He deliberately looked for moments.

It is necessary to clean up a person: he either transfers personal relationships to professional work, or is unfit for professional work. His job cannot change, he is not 16 years old to progress. Even the matches we won, he always judged ugly. I would gladly take Judge Ivanov away. Of the current judges, I consider him the weakest by a huge margin, “Slutsky said.

The rights to the video belong to the National Sports TV Channel LLC. You can watch the video on the Match TV Twitter account.

If suddenly someone did not understand what second removal Slutsky was talking about, then here is the background. In August 2020, Rubin met with Lokomotiv, and it was Ivanov who judged that match. In the first half, the goalkeeper collided in the railroad’s penalty area Marinato Guilherme and striker Ivan Ignatiev, but the referee did not award a penalty. During the break, Slutsky went to talk with Ivanov. He spoke on a red card.

Rubin has released a cool video again.  And, it seems, he laughed at Cherchesov
Rubin has released a cool video again. And, it seems, he laughed at Cherchesov

After that match, Slutsky, like this time, issued a fiery speech. First, he urged to remove Ivanov from work and said that “it’s difficult to come up with a more obvious penalty”, and then he gave a more detailed comment: “When they say black to you in a categorical way, naturally, you don’t really agree with this and say some rather harsh words. I admit that I said them, because when they start to make an idiot out of you and make excuses … I’ll shoot five people here and start making excuses, saying: guys, it’s not me at all, they were shooting at me, but I wanted to dodge and etc. Probably, these people will say: are you generally normal? I said about the same. “

Most likely, the end of today’s story is still ahead. Slutsky’s conflict with Ivanov, obviously, grew from football to personal. I wonder if this referee will be allowed to judge Rubin’s matches in the future.