The Chelsea footballer refused to kneel. More and more dissatisfied with BLM

Marcos Alonso explained why he made this decision.

The footballers of the top clubs began to speak out against the Black Lives Matter movement. Chelsea player Marcos Alonso today announced his reluctance to kneel before the Premier League matches in the framework of the famous action. “I am against racism and any kind of discrimination, but I prefer to point my finger at the badge that says ‘No place for racism’, as football players in different countries and other athletes do,” the Spaniard told Sky Sports.

The first Premier League player to refuse to kneel was the leader of Crystal Palace Wilfrid Zaha… A native of Côte d’Ivoire said bluntly that he considered this gesture stupid: “We isolate ourselves. We try to say that we are equal, but we isolate ourselves with all these things that still don’t work. I think we have to stand tall, and I’m not going to talk about racism and other things for the sake of a tick. “

The black player did not kneel before the match in England.  He disagrees with this action
The black player did not kneel before the match in England. He disagrees with this action

In the lower leagues, there are much more daredevils. Another black star of English football, the author of 20 goals in the first season of the Premier League Ferdinand Forest already as a general manager, Queens Park Rangers said: “Kneeling has reached the point where it has become good PR and even more. Now the promotion is no different from spreading a funny hashtag or a pretty badge on the chest. ” Fans of Millwall, famous for their fans, booed the submission of the action in the performance of their favorite team, and Brentford did not kneel in the Championship – however, starting to get up already in the Premier League.

At Euro 2020, the kneeling action was constantly supported by only three teams. In addition to the British, they were Wales, close to her in every sense, as well as the Belgian national team saturated with legionnaires from the Premier League. The national teams of Scotland, Turkey, Switzerland got down on their knees only in matches where their opponent did it, others never did. At the same time, the same Belgians in the match against the Russian national team were booed by the public at the Gazprom Arena.

Of course, Black Lives Matter has not only opponents, but also supporters. The players of the same “QPR”, despite the words of Les Ferdinand, continued to kneel down and even marked a goal in this way in the match with “Millwall”. Likewise, celebrate a goal Markus Thuram, the son of the legendary Lilian, did not even interfere with performances outside of any Premier League, and Thierry Henry stood on one knee for 8 minutes 46 seconds right during the MLS match.

It should be added that the next person who spoke out against BLM was a person with, to put it mildly, not an impeccable biography. On the conscience of Alonso there is a murder, albeit unintentional. In 2011, Marcos, while intoxicated, became the culprit of an accident, as a result of which one of his passengers died. The punishment is striking softness: a fine of € 61 thousand less than Alonso’s weekly salary at that time. True, according to some Spanish media reports, Marcos paid the family of the deceased as much as half a million …

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At the same time, despite all the past and future sins of Alonso, it is impossible to deny him purely football successes. At Tomase Tuchele he became an important player for Chelsea and helped the club win the Champions League. This season will be the sixth for the Spaniard at Stamford Bridge – and, apparently, as a senator, he considered himself entitled to speak.

Alonso also said: “Perhaps the point is that this gesture is losing its power, so I prefer to talk about the problem differently. I fully support the fight against racism. ” More than a year has passed since George Floyd’s death, so the Premier League might need to consider another way to draw attention to a topic they love.