The best football feints from famous football players

When it comes to the best football feints, many are beginning to wonder what kind of tricks modern football players who have become famous for their spectacular dribbling use the most. Today we will just touch on this topic and at the same time tell you which of your idols uses this or that trick most often during official games.

Let’s agree, we will name the player and his favorite trick, and also name a number of other players who have been seen using the same trick frequently. So it will be more interesting for you to watch the game of your favorite football players, since you will begin to notice in his actions certain dribbling manners and favorite strokes.

Marseille Roulette

As you might guess, Zinadine Zidane himself used it most often in his game, and it is with this player that she is most often associated. However, now the following players have also gotten used to playing Marseille roulette (both playing and retired players will be on the list):

  • Roberto Baggio;
  • Diego Maradona;
  • Ronaldinho;
  • Ronaldo;
  • Ricardo Quaresma;
  • Thierry Henry;
  • Andres Iniesta;
  • Paul Pogba;
  • Sergio Busquets.

Crossing and Pedalada

Once Ronaldo loved to indulge in these two feints, but they were also noticed in such love:

  • Alexis Sanchez;
  • Neymar;
  • Mario Götze;
  • Cristiano Ronaldo;
  • Daniel Alves;
  • Del Piero.


As part of this site, we have already written about the best football tricks more than once, so you know that Elastico most often used Ronaldinho, although he is not the author of this trick. Who else have we noticed with this feint? Among the amateurs, it can be noted:

  • Cristiano Ronaldo;
  • Hatem Ben Arfa;
  • Djerdan Shaqiri;
  • Neymar;
  • Robinho;
  • Douglas Costa.


Everything is simple here, this feint can be safely given to Ricardo Quaresma, and Luis Suarez and Luca Modric can also be recorded as fans.

Sombrero and rainbow

These two feints were most often practiced by Neymar, although recently he began to play not so brightly, but he did not lose his scoring instinct. Let’s identify a few more players who loved or still love to use these two tricks in the game:

  • Jay-Jay Okocha;
  • Jalminya;
  • Ricardo Quaresma;
  • Xavi;
  • Roberto Baggio;
  • Ronaldinho.

La croqueta

I would like to write Messi here, but we will write Andres Iniesta, since this is his main feint when playing with opponents. Although Azar also loves to circle, you can also remember the games of David Silva. In general, we give the voice to Iniesta, and you will judge for yourself.

Heel sweep

Here we will give a voice, perhaps, to Cristiano, and then we will note Neymar, Nani, Marcelo and Sanchez.


If we take modern footballers with a long track record, then Di Maria is worth highlighting. One of the most spectacular and effective feints they also like to perform:

  • Neymar;
  • Cristiano;
  • Eden Hazard;
  • Mario Götze;
  • Robinho.

Passing the ball between the legs

Of course, many people like to indulge in this trick, but who really succeeded with such a forwarding? We believe that this player should be Messi. During his career, he threw so much between his rivals that it is already unrealistic to count.

360 degree swivel

Here we will include a former Barcelona player who often performed this U-turn on the field. Now we are talking about Xavi. If we recall other old men, then it is worth remembering Alessandro Del Piero and Pirlo. From the new generation, we note:

  • Busquets;
  • David Silva;
  • Eden Azara;
  • Sanchez;
  • Messi.

Fake hit or pass

Let’s remember the legend – Thierry Henry. Here, we think, there is no doubt that it was one of his signature feints. We will write Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar as lovers of performing today.

Skipping the ball

We would like to mention Modric, although one could give this trick to either Xavi or Sergio Busquets.

This is where we will end. We hope that now you know who exactly the best football feints can be attributed to and you will have an example of whom to look up to and from whom to learn your favorite tricks.