So stop. Is Berezutsky still a coach?

Alexey has just started coaching but has already entered the history of CSKA.

Notice that Alexey Berezutsky became a legend of CSKA and the Russian national team, not everyone could. He was not the main one everywhere and always, like a brother, but he scored too important goals and remained too stable in any, even the most unstable season for the club and the national team.

Berezutsky, for example, scored in the UEFA Cup final, dispersed the attack with a long-range strike, at the end of which Pavlyuchenko pierced the British, and in fact made Russia enter Euro 2008, and also played the role of Berezutsky’s third brother in one of the most popular series of Football Club “And was remembered for the patch over the eye and the prize for the best player in the football episode” What? Where? When?” before Euro 2016.

For a second – Alexey played in all the matches of the national team at Euro 2012 + became the leader of CSKA in terms of the number of game minutes in the 2011/2012 season, and a year later, even despite the greatly reduced playing time, he remained in the team with the wording that several matches for the season at CSKA outweighs the constant practice in the other team. “CSKA is my club, as long as it can be of benefit to it, I will try to do it,” Alexey said in an interview with “SE” in 2013. – I have to be ready to enter the field at any moment. Including – for replacement. “

Spartak continues to sink.  Now Vitoria lost and the derby
Spartak continues to sink. Now Vitoria lost and the derby

Alexey is the fourth in the number of matches in the history of CSKA. Yes, in terms of this indicator, Akinfeev and Ignashevich are lower, but he is involved, unlike them, in all 20 trophies won by the club in the 21st century.

Right now, Berezutsky is a very calm, self-possessed and stable emotional coach. Impenetrable even during the derby. The flash for him is to clap the fans and answer without water at press conferences after the most important victory of his coaching career.

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, “Championship”

Yes, the victory, albeit in an extremely low-quality derby in terms of football, is very important for the team and its coach Berezutsky. The first derby with Spartak – three points at once. Plus the long-awaited victory over the Moscow club (after defeats to Loko and Dynamo) and reaching the seventh place, which is actually three points from the second. That is, if it were not for the loss in Tula, CSKA would have been at least in the Europa League zone.

Another impression from Berezutsky is clear press conferences. The CSKA coach has already surprised me personally with how calmly he conveys simple, but non-obvious coaching thoughts. At the beginning of the season, for example, he said that an attacking footballer can actually play in any position in front, even if he has played in the center all his life, but here they were put on the flank (this is in the context of Chalov on the flank). After the derby, he rejoiced at the victory because the first mistake in the match was made not by CSKA, but by Spartak. Ruy Vitoria refused to answer, saying that Spartak was better in the match. And he noted Zabolotny’s game with the thought that Anton supposedly did not go anywhere (although he was not in CSKA for 12 years).

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, “Championship”

CSKA still has problems, but the victory in the derby breathed encouraging emotions into the team, and the image of the staunch coach Berezutsky began to play with new noble colors.

Zabolotny became the main character of the derby and removed the
Zabolotny became the main character of the derby and removed the “curse of Fedun”. He has been waiting for this match for 12 years

What will happen next – we’ll see.

But so far Berezutsky is the winner of the derby. And the second CSKA player after Olic in Russian history, who later became a coach, but the first to beat Spartak.