“Slutsky hated Ivanov even before the game.” Analysis of the refereeing of the 8th round of the RPL

For the first time this season, the judges got hard from the coach. Leonid Slutsky, after the game with Zenit, smashed the referee Ivanov, who, even during the match in Kazan, managed to remove the coach from the bench. But the referees made mistakes in other matches as well. Especially for the “Championship” referee Igor Fedotov analyzed the work of judges in the 8th round of the RPL.

“The judge is unfit for the job.” Slutsky retired in the match with Zenit and then smashed the referee

Fedotov speaks:

Ufa – Khimki – 3: 2

The match was judged by Kukuyan. On the 9th minute, he correctly showed a yellow card to Troshechkin for the offensive, but for some reason he did not show a card to Pliev on the 30th for the same foul. One more thing: in the 55th minute, “Ufa” drove into the attack, their striker ran away with three defenders of the opponent, and one of them grabbed him by the neck and shirt. Kukuyan continued the game, but he should have assigned a penalty kick in favor of “Ufa” and showed a yellow card.

Dzyuba and Glushakov are together again.  But how will they be in the role of spare?
Dzyuba and Glushakov are together again. But how will they be in the role of spare?

The key moment was in the 88th minute. Kukuyan himself appointed a 11-meter kick against Ufa, but Zhabchenko, who worked for VAR, called the chief referee to watch the episode. The problem is that Zhabchenko showed him replays from which the episode is hard to see. And Kukuyan remained unconvinced – appointed a 11-meter kick. And in this episode there was no foul, the match should have been continued – the hand of the Ufa player was in a natural position, it was not set to the side, relaxed, and after hitting the ball it flies back. But bad repetition is not Kukuyan’s problem, so the score is 7.7.

Krylia Sovetov – Rostov – 4: 2

Panin played a good match, but incorrectly counted the goal against the Wings in the 40th minute. Mamaev tried to play with his head, but the ball hit the hand. If in an attack the ball hits the hand, and after that a goal is immediately scored, it must be canceled. Panin counted, the players went to the center of the field, lined up, but the judge was rescued by Turbin, who worked for VAR, and said about the hand. Score – 7.9.

Akhmat – Krasnodar – 0: 2

Sidenkov had a very bad match. Didn’t show yellow to Gazinsky in the 18th minute, didn’t show Utsiev in the 28th, and in the 43rd – to the Krasnodar player for unsporting behavior.

Now let’s consider the removal of Nijic. Initially, Sidenkov was not going to show him a second yellow card – he continued the match, and did not give the principle of advantage – otherwise he would have stopped the game. Then there was a pause – everyone was assisted in a row. And in this pause, someone told the referee about a foul. Who it was is a question. The first version – assistant Sergei Cheban, it is clear that with his left hand he pressed the radio button, with his right hand he pushed the microphone to his lips. It would have been easier if Sidenkov had approached Cheban, but this did not happen. The second version, which I don’t really want to believe: Sidenkov was helped by VAR. If so, this is a violation of the VAR protocol, and Akhmat could challenge the card. Score – 8.1.

Karpin must call Agalarov to the national team.  Its performance cannot be ignored.
Karpin must call Agalarov to the national team. Its performance cannot be ignored.

Nizhny Novgorod – Arsenal – 2: 3

Lyubimov did not have serious mistakes, but in the 6th minute he did not punish the home player for the simulation – this is bad, simulations must be fought. Score – 8.3.

Ural – Lokomotiv – 0: 0

Here Sukhoi must be separately praised for the fact that he fought with simulations – in the 43rd minute he punished Adamov with a yellow card. In general, Sukhoi had a good match – it is clear that he tried, ran a lot, pulled the players and controlled the game. Score – 8.4.

Sochi – Dynamo – 0: 1

Kazartsev also had a good match. When Dynamo scored, some drew attention to the clash between Shimanski and Noboa. For Kazartsev, this is a struggle within the framework of the rules – and please, this is his vision. Throughout the game, he gave fight in such episodes. As for the canceled Dynamo goal, VAR worked right there. Score – 8.4.

Zakharyan decides!  Our main talent did not let Sochi take the first place
Zakharyan decides! Our main talent did not let Sochi take the first place

Rubin – Zenit – 1: 3

Everyone is discussing this match more because of Slutsky’s words about Ivanov. We will return to them later. From serious episodes – Zenit’s third goal. The player from St. Petersburg really played with his hand, but VAR could not cancel the guests’ goal because of this. This moment is just a missed foul. After him, a goal was not immediately scored, the game continued for some time.

Now about the conflict between Slutsky and Ivanov. The main question is for the refereeing department: where did they look and what did they think when appointing Ivanov to the game? Have you really forgotten about his relationship with Slutsky, forgot the removal of Rubin’s coach last season? Slutsky, even before the game, was charged and hated Ivanov. And during the match, the referee only gave a reason to do it stronger – he missed a foul by Barrios, then on In Boehme – and then Slutsky exploded.

Super game
Super game “Zenith” in Kazan. Semak outplayed Slutsky, and Dzyuba made a double

It can be seen that Ivanov wanted to whistle, was ready to do it – but changed his mind. Why? And all these episodes against Rubin – so there is a feeling that the judge did it on purpose. As for Slutsky’s words, I can understand him – he does not understand Ivanov’s obvious mistakes against his team. At the 75th minute, they did not give an obvious free kick, with such goals scored. At the same time, Slutsky did not offend Ivanov – he received only a yellow one, and in case of an insult, it would be red.

If Meshkov is appointed for the next match of Rubin, who did not shake hands with Slutsky last season, it means that there is a wave against the coach. But I don’t understand – if the judges decided to beat Slutsky, what does the team have to do with the players who need to earn money? Come out, remove Slutsky and work normally. Ivanov’s score is 8.3.

CSKA – Spartak – 1: 0

Karasev worked confidently and calmly, he made this game. My question arose only on the episode in the 53rd minute – it was worth giving the principle of advantage after Umyarov’s foul.

Well done and assistant Karasev, who saw an offside position at Promes and canceled the goal of “Spartak”.


For “Spartak” is no longer ashamed. It’s just a pity for him

It’s good that we watched Zabolotny’s goal for a possible offside position – only this should be done in every match, and not just in the derby. Well, there are no questions about the second yellow Zabolotny – he knocked the opponent’s thigh and did it on purpose to disrupt the attack. Zabolotny could have received the card even earlier – when he ran to the podium to the fans, but Karasev wisely turned away at that moment and did not punish him. Score – 8.4.