Review of the top Nemeziz 17+ 360 Agility boots

Looking for incredible field maneuverability? The top model from the new line of Nemeziz boots, which was recently presented by Adidas, who loves to surprise us with something completely new and technological, will help you with this.

Today we will be looking at the top of technological excellence for 2017 from the eminent brand – the Nemeziz 17+ 360 Agility boots. It is this model that now flaunts on the feet of famous football players and it is for it that those who want to surprise their rivals on the football field save money.


Technological features

Professional football shoes showcase not only a completely new style, but also a selection of advanced technologies aimed at reducing the overall weight of the boot and the most secure fit of the foot. The manufacturer has achieved a significant reduction in the weight of the outsole, while maintaining its elasticity and excellent grip on all types of lawns. By choosing the correct spike configuration, the player gains reliable grip on the playing surface and the ability to all-round maneuverability at high speeds.

adidas Nemeziz 17+ 360 Agility

In addition to the outsole, the focus was on improving the construction of the boot. Thanks to the technologies and materials used, the frame of the boot guarantees a perfect fit of the foot without the need to wear out the shoes. The movement of the legs is not constrained, but at the same time there is ankle protection and stabilization of the foot inside the boots, which will protect the player from unnecessary injuries.

To understand what we talked about above, let’s list the main technological features of the older model in the Nemeziz line:

  • second generation AGILITY KNIT form-fitting synthetic upper with textile elements;
  • no lace construction 360 AGILITY BANDAGE SYSTEM;
  • 360 TORSION TAPE, used on the outside and sides;
  • TORSION TAPE tape for secure fixation of the foot;
  • DUAL LOCK COLLAR elastic toe cap for ankle support;
  • new TORSIONFRAME outsole with different spike configurations and improved push-off power on soft turf.

What do we end up with?

The top model Nemeziz 17+ 360 Agility wraps around the leg like a bandage, but at the same time gives an excellent feeling of the field, precise ball control and freedom of movement. This whole set of important qualities will be especially appreciated by attacking players who want to improve their dribbling and demonstrate explosive speed.

Nemeziz 17+ 360 Agility Football Boots

As before, the bet was made on comfort, which improves every year and opens up new opportunities for the game. This innovative new generation boot delights with its technology and fresh design, available in a variety of colors. The Adidas company knows how to competently combine corporate identity and listen to the wishes of its customers, including many famous football players.

I would like to hear the opinion of our readers about this model, so write your feedback in the comments so that we can decide whether this new product is worth its price tag.