Review of the Puma Future 2.1 boots from the new pack

The Germans continue to try to please us and this time we will look at their new product – the Puma Future 2.1 boots from the fresh Eclipse Pack, dedicated to the sensational blackout that happened in the United States last year. Completely black without any hint of the usual brightness, so we don’t even have to cling to the design. But we traditionally go through technologies and see what’s new there.

As usual, we will consider the novelty against the background of the previous model – Puma Future 18.1. We are not interested in the colors, so this model can be compared from any pack you like. We focus on the technological basis that makes this or that pair unique. Our task is to find out whether the novelty is something worthwhile or a black copy of its predecessor.

Puma Future 2.1 Football Boots

Quick inspection

Let us remind you that the new Puma Future 2.1 will continue the line of professional boots along with the new ones in the One line. So what do we see? Elastic synthetics with Netfit technology remained as the main material, which has already been tested in practice at the highest level and top football players have confirmed its effectiveness. In the new version, the relief of the top has become flatter, which should provide better ball sensitivity. There is also a thin synthetic upper coating applied to areas of rapid wear.

Puma Future 2.1 Football Boots

Of course, the main feature of this line remains – the adaptive lacing system, which allows the boots to fit literally on any foot width, having correctly selected a comfortable lacing variation. There is also a medium-length Puma Knit sock with a signature V-neck for fixing the ankle joint.

Tongue-less construction is also a thing of the past, but in fact, it is not needed here with such an adaptive upper, toe and thoughtful lacing. Other features of the upper structure include a fixing heel and a soft anatomical insole inside.

Puma Future 2.1

A few words on the sole. In our case, the principle worked: if everything is fine, so why change it? That is, in the Puma Future 2.1, the outsole remained from the previous model. The same structure and combination of tapered and bladed spikes, the same shape with a raised toe and the same stabilization / shock absorption.


Our verdict is very simple – Puma is playing with marketing to bring new colors to market. Technologically, the two boot models are almost identical. In general, a little disappointed, as the company has something to offer its customers in terms of real novelties, but so far they are playing with colors to generate more profit. Well, we are waiting …