Review of the new generation Nike FuelBand smart sports bracelet

In this review, we will talk about sports technologies that not only help athletes track their training process, but also motivate them to achieve new heights. Today we are talking about the smart Nike FuelBand, which has a new attractive design and a prefix in the name SE. The innovative bracelet watch will also become relevant for football players who want to tighten their physics and stay always in good shape, as well as for those who want to get a fashionable sports accessory with useful functionality.

Nike FuelBand

The new generation of bracelets has received not only bright colors, but also learned to motivate athletes. Now you can set goals for yourself and until you complete them, the bracelet will constantly remind you of an unfinished task. Anyway, he will always cheer up when the owner is in a motionless or lazy state for too long. Except, of course, when he sleeps.


This is the most interesting section, as we need to understand what we are buying and what we can get from the purchase. So let’s list the main features of the Nike FuelBand:

  • showing the current time;
  • calories burned;
  • number of steps;
  • synchronization with a smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0;
  • Compatible with NikeFuel goggles;
  • accurate tracking of activities;
  • hour reminder of the need for a five-minute activity.

Unlike the first version, NikeFuel SE has only slightly changed in design, but greatly improved in terms of the software part. Now the bracelet will not count idle hand swings and will be able to determine exactly what kind of activity its user is engaged in. This allows you to keep a regular record of your activities and record it in a special Nike + application, which will analyze the data, provide visually understandable graphs of activity and motivate you to reach new heights.

Nike FuelBand bracelet

In addition, the Nike FuelBand can be controlled with new gestures and has a new comfortable buckle. With the help of taps on a single button, you can switch screen modes, and through a special built-in connector, charging is easy. By the way, the volume of the built-in battery is enough for 4-5 days of active use and training, which is a very good result. In quiet mode, smartwatches will last a week, but if this happens, it will mean only one thing – the user was lazy and did not use the full potential of the bracelet.

Nike FuelBand SE

They have not yet said that Nike FuelBand SE is not afraid of moisture and is resistant to various mechanical influences. In general, it is completely universal in use, which is exactly what athletes need. The video below will tell you more about this new product.

As for football, then the device will help with strength training, jogging and just to keep fit outside the training process. Fitness trackers are used everywhere today, so this improved model will come in handy for everyone. This is a great option for all active people who want to motivate themselves to do more and want to track their progress in a convenient form through a special application that will also help share the result with their friends.