Review of the Adidas Predator 18 + FG football boots

The first good news is the return of the legendary classic Adidas Predator boot to the market. The second news is that we are reviewing the top novelty from the fresh collection of the Adidas Predator 18+ FG. It would seem that the classic model and everything should be extremely simple, but the developers have changed the boots beyond recognition, leaving a little familiar silhouette. Advanced technology and fresh design will give everyone superiority on the football field due to the extreme lightness and explosive speed of this new product.

Adidas Predator

The redesigned Adidas Predator is crafted from seamless Controlskin fabric that conforms to the shape of the foot and is extremely lightweight. The use of this proprietary material guarantees an adaptive fit and comfort even during intense play. We also note the presence of a special stitching in the toe area for better ball control and the ability to play in any weather conditions.

Adidas Predator Football Boots

The tongueless construction features a mid-length elasticated Sockfit that provides secure ankle support. It is crafted from Primeknit knit material for good breathability when the boot is supported by the reinforced sides of the carcass. This production technology made it possible to get rid of the tongue and lacing, but at the same time preserve the possibility of a reliable fixation of the foot and ease of shoeing. A breathable textile lining is responsible for the comfort of the foot inside the shoe.

Sockfit sock

As for the outsole, there is nothing left of the classic design at all. A Boost cushion is used as a shock absorber, and a molded Controlframe stabilizes all movement, allowing you to feel free on the pitch. It is also important to note the use of hybrid cleats, which improve traction and feel better when rotating the leg.

Adidas Predator outsole

This is how the top-end Adidas Predator 18 + FG boots stand out, which are already available for sale and have attracted the attention of professional football players. We believe that this model is worthy of attention not only because of its rich past, but also because of its reliability, which stands out against the background of some modern Adidas boots (we will not name :), which cannot boast of durability.