Review of Adidas Telstar – the official ball of the 2018 FIFA World Cup

This is one of those balls that, after its official presentation, left many questions for all football lovers who were waiting for something unusual from Adidas on the eve of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. Everyone expected innovation and cool design solutions, and received a pixel Telstar, which for many was a disappointment.


Today we will not talk about the inspiration of the creators of Telstar. We’d better devote ourselves to analyzing the technological part, for which the players are most worried and those who understand that a lot will depend on the behavior of the ball on the field. Looking at the front, we can say that many famous footballers complained about this model, having tested it in the game. And again, all the same unpredictability of the flight, which was already complained about after the appearance of Brazuka. Remember how much negativity there was from the goalkeepers? It looks like history could repeat itself.

Telstar 18

So what is Telstar 18? The novelty with a seamless surface is made of thermopolyurethane and polyester (83% / 17%), where the patches are glued together. This ensures that the shape of the ball is retained and moisture absorption is minimized, which will not affect the weight and movement of the projectile. Inside there is a cast chamber made of latex. This model has passed all official FIFA checks and received the FIFA QUALITY PRO quality seal. The manufacturer claims that the technologies used have allowed for better ball control with predictable flight paths.


Another technological feature of this ball is the built-in NFC chip, which allows access to exclusive content. Whether this is a useful option is up to you, we will show you a commercial for this technology.

What can I say in the end? The ball is like a ball, nothing new and unusual, both in terms of design and in terms of technological solutions. Marketing will do its job and the ball will be sold out all over the world, they will play the World Cup and everyone will forget about it. This is the story of each such ball, so we are content with what we have and hope that negative reviews will not be justified and will not affect the development of football confrontations.