“Poor fellow.” Newcomer of “Spartak” Kofrie again took part in the conceded goal

His transfer initially raised questions, and after the first matches of the Belgian, there are more and more doubts about him.

Kofrie first appeared in the starting lineup of “Spartak”. The defender was bought to replace Gigot, who has not signed a new contract with Spartak and may leave the club. The Belgian spent the entire match with CSKA, leaving an ambiguous impression with his game.

Spartak continues to sink.  Now Vitoria lost and the derby
Spartak continues to sink. Now Vitoria lost and the derby

First Derby Kofrie

Kofrie’s appearance at the base surprised many fans. The defender recently joined the club, but Rui Vitoria entrusted him with a place in the start against the main rival of Spartak in the championship. There were no such matches in Maximiliano’s career, so the Portuguese specialist took a risk. Vitoria was right or not – a big question.

In the first half, Kofrie was visible on the defensive, as the red and white often developed attacks across his flank. The defender made 48 assists per match (only more Promesa), of which 39 reached the addressee. For all 90 minutes, Kofrie made one successful tackle and interception, as well as three clearances. Once he was beaten on dribbling. The Belgian also lost three single combats (two in defense, one in attack).

The main moment with the participation of Kofrie occurred in the 81st minute. Bistrovich shot from the penalty line, the ball from the Belgian bounced to Zabolotny, who adjusted and shot into the bottom corner of the goal. An accurate shot from the CSKA forward brought the army team a victory over Spartak. Do not blame the Belgian
defender – he saved the gate from the “shot” Bistrovich, but he was unlucky: Zabolotny got the ball. It was an accident.

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Whoscored rated Kofrie’s game at 6.3 points. Among the players in the starting line-up, only Larsson (5.9) and the goalkeeper Maksimenko (5.7). Ball bounce to Zabolotny – the second unsuccessful effective action of the Spartak defender. In the debut match with Khimki Kofrie, coming on as a substitute, broke the rules at the very penalty area, for which he received a yellow card. As in the moment with Zabolotny, it cost Spartak a goal. Free kick realized Glushakov, whose blow did not allow the red-white to win a dry win (3: 1). Perhaps because of that foul, Vitoria decided to hold Kofrie on the bench without releasing in the match with Legia.

It seems that Spartak does not want to fight for the top places.  Kofrie - a very confusing transfer
It seems that Spartak does not want to fight for the top places. Kofrie – a very confusing transfer

Transfer Kofrie – Spartak’s mistake?

Every mistake Maximiliano makes is a reason for Spartak fans to get angry with the club’s management. Immediately after the signing of the player, the fans were skeptical about the appearance of a little-known Belgian in the red and white lineup. One gets the impression that this negative pressure is also exerting pressure on the player. Moreover, at Kofrie long-term contract, which is calculated until June 30, 2025.

How can you not recall the words of the general director of red and white Evgeniya Melezhikova, who did not deny that this may not be the most successful acquisition.

“Maybe this is a mistake, but it’s not premature to sprinkle ashes on your head and regret buying Maximiliano. Yes, he is below Sam in quality. But he can close problem positions for us. We will see later how it will come out and show. We have to be patient for now, ”Melezhikov said, answering the question about the transfer of the Belgian.

But the former president of Spartak Andrey Chervichenko believes that Kofrie does not deserve criticism for the derby.

“Kofrie is a poor fellow. The ball bounced off him. Wet weather, could have bounced anywhere, but bounced on the leg of Zabolotny, who, to my surprise, scored. Now this poor guy will be persecuted, accused of all sins. I don’t understand though. If you buy a player for two rubles, why do you think that he owes you a return on 100 rubles? He played well, certainly not worse than everyone else. It just so happened that this assists came from him, ”Chervichenko told the Championship.

Will Kofriye keep his place at the base of Spartak? Vitoria hasn’t criticized the newcomer yet. In any case, the Belgian is not the only culprit in the lost derby.