Nike Strike PL soccer ball review

Today we are going to talk about the next generation ball from Nike, which is now actively used around the world at the highest levels. Looking at all Nike soccer balls, you can find many good models to play with, but the latest addition from sports developer, the Strike PL, has special features. Today, this is the pinnacle of the company’s achievements in terms of the production of gaming spheres for professional football, and in this review we will figure out why this model is so good that they began to play it in the top football leagues of many countries.

Nike Strike PL

Features of the novelty

As we all know, Nike soccer balls have good control, which is why they are chosen as the main ball for games in the top divisions. However, the Nike Strike PL is arguably the most sophisticated ball that offers the best control and predictable flight.

Nike Strike PL Ball

In order not to be verbose, let’s outline the main advantages of this model:

  • Textured TPU ball surface for superior touch and control of the playing area;
  • Visual Power Graphic technology allows the ball to flicker during rotation, which increases its visibility on the field;
  • the design of this model consists of 12 inserts to create an ideal ball flight path;
  • Nike Aerowtrac technology – special grooves that stabilize the flight of the ball to improve its trajectory;
  • high-quality machine line, affecting the durability of the product;
  • The robust chamber made of butyl rubber (special limited edition) always maintains the correct shape of the ball, even under heavy loads.

Nike Strike PL soccer ball

It is for this model that the manufacturer gives a two-year guarantee that other Nike soccer balls are very, very rare. The developers are confident in the quality of their product, for which they have found the perfect combination of materials:

  • 65% rubber;
  • 15% polyurethane;
  • 13% polyester;
  • 12% EVA.

Nike Strike PL Ball

The ball has standard sizes and 5 size variations for players of different ages and skill levels.