Nike Phantom Vision New Striker Boot Review

We are reviewing another novelty, which, according to the manufacturer, is completely innovative and rethought. Well, let’s take a closer look at the Nike Phantom Vision, positioning itself as a boot for attacking players of any kind. We would like to draw your attention to the technological part and make a comparison with previous models, in which the best players at the World Cup have only recently played.

First, let’s voice the benefits that the manufacturer emphasizes in their promotional materials. He claims that the boots:

  • guarantee an unrivaled fit;
  • provide high-quality contact with the ball;
  • designed for fast players who value extreme precision while playing.

Nike Phantom Vision

So, as always, Nike positions its products with special pathos, but who has been watching the release of new products for a long time, he noticed that such eulogies can be heard on every release of new boots. Let’s figure out why Nike Phantom Vision is so good, as the advertisement tells us.

Nike Phantom Vision presentation

Immediately about the innovation. This boot features a Quadfit inner liner that adapts to the anatomical features of the foot. That is, it is precisely due to the presence of this new material that a high-quality fit on the foot occurs, as well as a feeling of softness for a more comfortable game.

We add a Dynamic Fit knit collar for a secure fit, and a textured Flyknit top layer with excellent adaptability and great grip to ensure ball control even at high intensity. That said, the boot is designed with reinforcement zones in areas of rapid wear, but it’s also important to note the new Flyknit design is moisture-repelling, making it possible to play in any weather.


Other features of the Nike Phantom Vision Football Boots include:

  • hidden lacing system;
  • reinforced heel and toe;
  • soft anatomical insole;
  • special construction of a one-piece sole with an effective cushioning system;
  • an invented configuration of versatile studs for better contact with the lawn.

Nike Phantom Vision Football Boots

Let’s express in a list format the advantages of this new product after visual inspection and fitting:

  • really very light weight;
  • excellent elastic sole;
  • the leg inside feels extremely comfortable;
  • due to the insert, the foot is perfectly fixed even without lacing;
  • you feel complete freedom of movement without any constraints;
  • inside everything is soft and pleasant shock absorption is felt.

Nike Phantom Vision Boot Line

As a result, I would like to say that Nike Phantom Vision pleasantly surprised us. We thought, as always, a new design was invented by the marketers, but here in the technological plan there are pleasant changes, albeit with familiar technologies, but these professional boots on the foot feel comfortable in a new way. In general, we recommend evaluating this model, especially since this line will be actively developing in the near future.