Nike Merlin tech ball review

What is the most technologically advanced ball today? Most likely the one played in the strongest European leagues, right? We think so too, so we decided to talk to you about the new product of 2021 – the Nike Merlin ball, which replaced the Nike Ordem.

You may ask, in which leagues will this ball be used? Let’s answer right away: in the English example, the Russian Major League and the Italian Serie A. Of course, this is not the entire list, but it is enough to understand the quality and manufacturability of the model, which will be discussed in more detail below.

Nike merlin

Let’s go straight to the main features of the Nike Merlin, as today it is one of the most technologically advanced balls on the planet. It should be said right away that this novelty belongs to a new generation of balls, made using new technologies, some of which have not been previously used.

To begin with, let’s designate the main design feature – only 4 panels in the design, allowing to increase the contact area and at the same time get a predictable flight path. This model is liked even by goalkeepers, who did not complain that the sphere flies so unpredictably and chaotically, as it was with some balls (we will not name the models to avoid a skirmish in the comments :).

Nike Merlin ball

Of course, there is no firmware here, but there is thermal bonding, already familiar in recent years. Particularly noteworthy is the upper material, made of abrasion resistant synthetics with a small texture that guarantees a quality touch. Also in the development of the design of the ball, new 3D ink was used, giving additional tenacity. By the way, we almost forgot about the all-weather ACC coating, which you are probably already familiar with if you had Nike boots. In general, the developers have relied on high-quality contact and controllability of their new brainchild.

By the way, a few words about handling. This important quality was achieved through the introduction of the All Conditions Control technology – a special developer that makes the tire of an ideal spherical shape even under high loads. Hence the predictability of flight that many experts have appreciated at the Nike Merlin. Of course, a high-quality branded nipple was used here, which prevents air release, so the ball holds its shape for a long time even with intensive use.

Nike Merlin soccer ball

It would seem like an ordinary soccer ball, but so many technologies. We consider the Nike Merlin to be a really successful solution for professional football against the background of competing models. It goes without saying that this model meets all the established quality standards and is certified, since it was taken to host games of the highest level. Here the sports laboratory won both in quality and design. We definitely recommend giving this ball a try!