Nike Mercurial: Fastest Collection Review

Today we’re going to explore why the Nike Mercurial has become so popular and why this particular collection of soccer shoes is considered the fastest. Let’s walk through the technology behind these boots and explain what makes them the best in their price range and why they are the top football players’ choice every time.

So, let’s not pull the rubber and go straight to the review. Let’s take a look at each line separately and note their main features.

Nike Mercurial Football Boots

Superfly v

The Nike Mercurial has the following technological features:

  1. Flawless anatomical fit… It is achieved through a combination of three technologies: Flyknit upper construction, Dynamic Fit elastic toe cap and Flywire threads. This combination provides not only a comfortable fit of the foot, its high-quality fixation, but also allows the foot to move in a natural way for it.
  2. Perfect touch… The NikeSkine core fabric ensures perfect contact with the ball. The textured and lightweight coating ensures that the material is grippy with the ball, thus providing control even at high speeds.
  3. Maximum grip… A new outsole with an improved stud pattern provides excellent traction in all weather conditions.

Nike Mercurial Superfly V Football Boots

We also note the presence of the following technologies:

  • Nike grip for additional fixation of the foot;
  • tongueless designs;
  • all-weather upper ACC;
  • anatomical sole;
  • breathable insole Texon heatshield

So, we see that this line of boots combines all the advanced developments of the Nike sports laboratory, therefore it is the professional and most expensive in the collection. We’re not talking about the variety of colors, where every footballer can find the perfect color for himself.

Ronaldo in Nike Mercurial Superfly V


A “shorter” version of the boot without a toe, but with a decent set of technologies:

  • lightweight microfiber as the main material;
  • anatomical sole for dynamic play;
  • secure fit Nike Grip;
  • ACC upper covering for all weather;
  • Upper construction without tongue;
  • Texon HeatShield insole with good ventilation;
  • NikeSkine coating for perfect ball contact.

Nike Mercurial Vapor Football Boots


The Nike Mercurial is designed for play on artificial turf or court. In terms of their characteristics, they are completely identical to the Superfly V line, only they have a futsal sole with a universal outsole for flat surfaces.

Nike Mercurial Proximo Football Boots

We also note the presence of this model of futsal shoes without a toe, which are called Finale… This is the simplest futsal model without a tongue, in which there is nothing interesting except NikeSkine.

Nike Mercurial Finale


A budget version of the Superfly V, but with an elastic toe cap to support the ankle. This version also features a tongueless upper construction and uses micro-textured synthetic material instead of Flyknit. We also note the absence of all types of coverings for better ball control. In general, in order to reduce the cost, the most recent developments were removed and the base was left, which, by the way, also guarantees players a decent level of comfort during a fast game.

Nike Mercurial Veloce Football Boots

Victory V

The simplest Nike Mercurial with no tongue and micro-textured synthetics as the main material. In all other respects, these boots do not differ in anything interesting, as they have a classic cut for the latest models and a basic set of functions.

Nike Mercurial Victory V Football Boots

At the moment, these are all lines in the Nike Mercurial family, among which every footballer can choose the right playing shoes for their financial capabilities. As you can imagine, Nike has never had any problems with the choice of colors, and the iD custom design system allows you to personalize your boots to your taste.