Nike Magista Obra Football Boots

By Giovani Dos Santos – September 30, 2021

Today in review, we have the boot for the fastest, most creative playmakers looking to get the most out of their playing shoes on the pitch. Let’s talk about the Nike Magista Obra football boots for attacking footballers, for whom the perfect tool for lightning-fast attacks has been created.

Nike Magista Obra Football Boots

Magista Obra and its features

Let’s say straight away that the Obra is the most technologically advanced boot in the Magista collection, so get ready to witness the pinnacle of capabilities from the Nike developers who have done a great job.

So, to take a closer look at our Nike football boots, we’ll start with an overview of their three main features:

  1. Flyknit + Dynamic Fit… One-piece, tongueless upper and elasticated ankle sock for secure fit and support. All this provides not only an adaptive fit of the leg, but also maximum comfort due to the excellent breathability of the material.
  2. Flywire… A special type of lacing with integrated threads that connect the upper to the sole. Thanks to this technology, a reliable fixation of the leg is provided, which is maintained even at high speeds.
  3. 3-D texture of the upper… Material with a three-dimensional embossed texture located in the contact areas of the ball provides perfect touch and control of the playing sphere.


In addition, the Obra model also has additional features:

  • АСС – a coating that provides optimal ball control in any weather;
  • modified micro-texture of the synthetic material of the upper of the boot;
  • Solid heel counter for added structural stability and leg fixation.

  Nike Magista Obra

Variety of soles

Our Nike football boots are available in three types of soles:

  1. for hard soils or for fields with natural turf (only slight moisture is possible).
  2. for soft soils or wet fields where maximum traction is required.
  3. for fields with artificial turf.


Especially for lovers of personal style, it is worth noting the possibility of creating your own unique design, although the colors suggested by the manufacturer look very impressive and do not require any further development.