New Japanese classic – Mizuno NEO II

The Japanese know how to do it in an interesting and at the same time extremely high quality, without changing their traditions. Proof of this is the fresh release of 2018 – the Mizuno NEO II professional boot. Visually, it seems that you have seen this in the Mizuno range and it is true, their models are similar in design, since the developers adhere to classicism in sewing boots and do not want to go far from it, but this model is special. After reading the review, you will understand what we are talking about.

Japanese technology

We think you shouldn’t dwell on the bright colors of this model, among which, by the way, gold is our favorite. Let’s talk about the main technological features of the new pair, which, for a minute, is from the top segment and will flaunt on the feet of famous footballers.

Mizuno NEO II

Let’s start with the fun part – the upper material. As a rule, in professional boots, developers use natural leather, occasionally their own proprietary synthetic materials. In the case of the Mizuno NEO II, genuine calfskin was used, but in terms of construction, they cleverly implemented this material. Starting from the toe, the skin has a minimum thickness, and approaching the heel zone – maximum.

Mizuno NEO II Football Boots

At the same time, everything looks as reliable as possible, but the novelty weighs practically nothing. The stitching is exactly where it needs to be to hold the frame and ensure proper flexion. Despite the glossy finish of the leather, the ball adheres to the material well and there was no discomfort in its control.

Mizuno NEO II professional boots

Otherwise, the Japanese remained conservative and used a classic upper construction with a lacing system in the center, a soft fixing heel that prevents the foot from slipping, and a soft insole on the inside.

Unique outsole

Here it will be interesting. Firstly, from the main sole, starting from the middle part to the heel, there is a special “build-up” made of synthetic microfiber to support the upper carcass without weighing it down and at the same time it performs a water-repellent function.

Mizuno NEO II outsole

Secondly, it is important to note the ultra-light Pebax plate at the base of the outsole with a clever combination of studs: 12 tapered studs and one laminated stud. This balance of cleats provides stability during aggressive and abrupt movements and optimal stability during circular movements. Generally, these boots are designed for fast attacking players, for whom this specific outsole has been specially designed.


What do we end up with? Leather, the lightest and really comfortable boots. The Japanese managed to make boots from the usual classics, which, in terms of comfort and quality, are not inferior to modern top models from Nike and Adidas, but half the price. As for us, design is a tower. Quality – you will definitely not regret it! We recognize the Mizuno NEO II as definitely a very successful release, which we focus your attention on if you are looking for a professional boot.