New Chaos Boot – Adidas X 16+ PureChaos FG / AG

By Giovani Dos Santos – October 1, 2021

Adidas is once again inviting to break the rules of the game with the launch of its new line of X 16+ PURECHAOS FG / AG boots. It wasn’t enough for the developers of the chaos that they caused on the football fields with their past innovations, so they decided to continue down this path, offering players better shoes for those who like fast, attacking play.

The advantages of the novelty

How will the new football boots differ from the predecessors to which we have only recently begun to adapt? Despite the fact that the Adidas company pampers us with different new clothes almost every month, they are all very similar in their technological part and differ only in details.

Adidas X 16+ PURECHAOS Football Boots

To understand what to expect from the X 16+ PURECHAOS FG / AG, you should familiarize yourself with its main advantages:

  • a perfect fit with no need to lace up the boot, with a techfit® upper that eliminates the need to wear out the shoe;
  • the mid-height sock guarantees all players excellent stability and complete freedom of movement;
  • NON STOP GRIP technology with its bulky texture of the material from which the upper is made, provides excellent contact with the ball in any weather;
  • hidden lacing and PURECUT sock – this is a guarantee of a comfortable and quick fit of the leg;
  • stability on the lawn in any weather is provided by the very light SPRINTFRAME outsole, designed for playing at high speeds;
  • comfortable PURECHAOS lining, located in the heel zone of the shoe, provides comfort to the player even with a sharp change in movement;
  • The unique FG Chaos stud configuration is not only a guarantee of excellent traction on the lawn, but also a guarantee of explosive speed.

Adidas X 16+ PURECHAOS

As you can see, these football boots are amazing in their capabilities and will be able to provide chaos on the field, which will be able to demonstrate the players of an attacking plan, even in the most demanding game.

What does the player get?

There remains one more question to be dealt with. We are interested in what a player gets when buying the latest new product from Adidas? The combination of the above technologies makes us understand that the new Xs are ready to provide each of its owners:

  • perfectly accurate and strong blow, which is achieved by the absence of open lacing;
  • comfortable leg fit;
  • lightning speed of movement across the field with the ability to produce as fast as possible acceleration;
  • stable ball control;
  • stability on any type of lawn.

New Adidas X 16+ PURECHAOS Football Boots

Let’s summarize. The high-tech Adidas X 16+ PURECHAOS FG / AG football boots are not in vain the choice of Suarez and Bale, who know how to create chaos on the pitch like no other. For the paid price tag, each customer receives not only stylish gaming shoes, but also an advantage over the opponent, which must be used in every game.