Nadya Karpova – the future of women’s football in Russia

Recently, the football Internet was excited by the news about a once little-known girl who suddenly began to rapidly gain popularity among the sports community. This girl’s name is Nadia Karpova. Who she is, what she does and why there has been so much talk about her lately is the topic of today’s review, which should make it clear that women’s football in Russia is alive and well.

Let’s tell a few words about a young and promising footballer, and then evaluate her prospects for becoming an icon of Russian women’s football, as many publications began to write about her. Let’s say right away that our subject of investigation is a very interesting person with a complex character, but with outstanding abilities. Intrigued? Let’s go then!

Nadia Karpova


Today Nadya is 22 years old, she is the forward of the women’s national team of Russia and the Spanish club “Valencia”. In just a year, playing ZhFC “Chertanovo”, the young talent demonstrated persistence and scoring flair, which was reflected in regularly scored goals. For the national team, he managed to distinguish himself four times in 10 games, which is an excellent result for a beginner. By the way, having made her debut for the national team, she was able to issue a goal + pass, showing the coaching staff that they were not mistaken in their choice.

If we analyze social networks, then Nadya Karpova is actively engaged in fitness, which is clearly visible from her figure, loves tattoos, behavior that is atypical for celebrity, and, of course, photographs of her achievements. She tries on different images, not embarrassed by anything. It’s nice that she shows herself as she is, without unnecessary glamor, falsehood and pathos.

football player Nadia Karpova

Let’s summarize. Young, beautiful, stylish, ambitious and with a good eye for a football future. Loves sports, photography, various activities and animals. Sounds like some kind of feminine ideal, but her harsh nature can rebuff anyone.

For the most curious and for whom it is important to take a look, we give tips on social profiles: and

Football star?

Considering that Nadia Karpova is already playing for the national team, surfing the football spaces of Valencia, she can already be called successful, but this event did not give the main impetus to her popularity. The fact is that it was noticed by Messi himself and for the first time in his life he added a girl to his symbolic team, which will be presented with branded boots. Someone will say, so what? But the whole football world learned about this and they started talking about Nadya, appreciated her skill and personality. To get into the TOP-10 according to the famous Argentine striker is not that for you, gentlemen.

For those in the tank, the video featuring Nadezhda can be viewed below:

What are the prospects?

Nadya Karpova, as she claims, as long as she can remember, has always been fond of football. The ideal footballer is Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who appreciates Messi’s dribbling and Ronaldo’s striking technique. In general, she lives and breathes football, especially when she moved to a new level of the Spanish championship. We hope she will achieve the best results there and will be able to lead the national team, which now needs a confident leader.

Nadezhda Karpova

These are the perspectives that can be seen in a young football player who can take women’s football to a high level in Russia by setting herself up as an example. If an ordinary girl from “Chertanovo” was able to get to the next stage of development, then others can. And there, you see, there will be more attention from the fans, and not stingy sponsors will appear, and decent fees, and other privileges. We hope, believe and wish Nadya good luck!