Most Popular Football Gadgets

It is no longer a secret that modern technologies have long entered the world of sports and have become an integral part of it. The same story happened with football, where the entire training process is not complete without special technological chips that help to collect the necessary analytics and improve the skills of football players. That is why we decided that it was time to tell you about some football gadgets that everyone who is serious about their development in this sport should know about for a long time.

As part of this review, we suggest that you consider several interesting technologies that are actively used today in top clubs and which the coaching staff considers already mandatory for the implementation of the planned training process.

Zepp Play Soccer

Speaking of football gadgets that anyone can use, it is worth noting this tracker, which is able to collect the necessary data about the physical condition of the player. A small device is attached to the foot of a football player and is pre-synchronized via Bluetooth with a mobile gadget through a proprietary application, where all data will be received. To be more precise, Zepp Play Soccer will help collect the following data:

  • distance covered;
  • the number of hits taken;
  • force of blows;
  • number and strength of jerks;
  • maximum and minimum speed;
  • game time.

The application also allows you to make videos to record certain moments of the game / training for further analysis. It is also possible to connect multiple sensors to one application to track a multiplayer game.

All data from the application will allow you to determine at which points the player is progressing and at which points are lagging behind, which will help to correct future workouts correctly.


It is a versatile gadget that is now used in various sports. However, OptimEye G5 in football is positioned as a special tracker for goalkeepers who, unlike field players, perform completely different functions and, accordingly, must have a set of certain qualities. The tracker is attached to the back of the goalkeeper and allows reading the following data:

  • number of jumps;
  • speed;
  • acceleration;
  • the intensity and direction of jumping for the ball;
  • shuttle run.

There is also OptimEye X4 – a tracker for field players, for whom it is important to monitor speed / running performance. In addition to all the necessary data, the sensor reads the heart rate and the time it takes for the athlete to recover. There is also a more advanced version of this sensor, OptimEye S5, which also reads the number of collisions between football players and, using special software, generates reports in a convenient format.

Viper pod

There are soccer gadgets that are the most popular and this is one of them. He has proven himself in Spain and England among the top football, basketball and even hockey clubs.

In terms of its functionality, the tracker is not much different from the previous participants, but due to its simplicity and reliability, it has become more widespread. However, its main feature, which makes it out of competition, is the ability to transfer data in real time. That is, coaches immediately see what problems / achievements their players have during training, and also see the player’s position on the field online. An excellent gadget for both the training process and for adjusting the gameplay during important games.

Adidas miCoach

We have a separate article about this ball, which we recommend that you familiarize yourself with at this link. We also want to recommend that you learn more about the Adidas miCoach Speed ​​Cell sensors, which are inserted into the sole of the boots and also serve as a footballer’s activity tracker.


This is a gadget for the youngest football players and serves as a good tool for the correct setting of the strike. It does not read important indicators of the game, as with previous technologies, but simply highlights the area of ​​the foot that was hit. A special rubber pad is attached to the boots in the area of ​​the instep and in the event of a correct blow, an LED indicator lights up to show the child that he did everything right. The gadget is aimed at children aged 5 to 12 years.

Now football gadgets are developing strongly, although they still perform almost the same functions, but soon their functionality will expand and such devices will become integral in football life. We will follow the development of the situation and promptly notify you about the release of technological innovations.