Most incredible match of the day. De Gea pulled out a penalty in the 95th minute, and Ronaldo was confused

Lingard corrected himself abruptly for a mistake in the Champions League.

Cristiano Ronaldo continues to score for Manchester United! This time – at the gate of West Ham. In total, the 36-year-old Portuguese has four goals in three matches. Prior to that, Ronaldo distinguished himself in the Champions League game against the Young Boys and scored twice against Newcastle in the Premier League.

With West Ham, Ronaldo had 7 shots. This is the second indicator of the season. More was only in the last round at Mane, who shot 10 times on goal of Leeds (played in the minority since the 29th minute). At the same time, Ronaldo has 5 shots on target – this is the maximum figure of the season in five rounds.

Cristiano scored again after the goalkeeper parried in front of him. In the match with Newcastle, the striker was also on the finish line earlier than his rivals. Then the goalkeeper Woodman hit the ball extremely unsuccessfully because of the rebound. When a striker actually scores into an empty net, we can say that he was lucky and even an amateur would have distinguished himself in such a situation. Only not every amateur will jerk into the desired zone before the central defenders.

It’s funny that before this match the English TV people confused Ronaldo. In the pre-match arrangement, they gave a photo of the Portuguese, but pointed out Cavani, who donated his seventh number to the rookie.

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Stadium “West Ham” – 66th, which scored Ronaldo in the championship. This is a record figure for the top 5 leagues in Europe. In second place is Ibrahimovic, who distinguished himself in 64 arenas. However, despite the stable performance of Ronaldo, he has something to criticize for. Especially for a gorgeous moment in the 47th minute, which was not realized.

On the 77th, 85th and 91st minutes, Ronaldo fell in someone else’s penalty area and asked for a penalty, but the referee considered that there were no fouls (VAR confirmed). It is quite logical against the background of which martial arts are now not given a penalty in England. Even before the start of the season, the Premier League leadership announced that now the judges need a more obvious violation to appoint a penalty kick. Even Southampton and Burnley did not take penalties on this round, although Ramsdale and Walker’s fouls seemed more obvious.

It seemed that the match would end in a draw (Benrahma scored at West Ham), but the end of the match turned out to be fiery. At the 89th minute Lingard still scored a goal – it turned out a really cool blow. However, even at such a moment, Jesse did not celebrate, because he scored a team for which he had played only recently. It was West Ham that relaunched Lingard’s career this year.

And already in stoppage time, the referee appointed a penalty kick to the “Manchester United” goal. More precisely, at first the referee did not understand the moment, but he did it with the help of VAR. After Yarmolenko’s cross, the ball hit Shaw’s hand. And already at the 95th minute de Gea pulled out Noble’s punch!

Manchester United are now tied for first place with Liverpool with 13 points.