Messi again failed to score for PSG and was replaced. Leo was very unhappy

While the Argentine in Paris has no luck.

Messi played the third match for PSG – and again left the field without a goal.

In the meeting with Lyon, the participation of Mbappe, who suffered an ankle injury during the previous game with Club Brugge in the Champions League, was questionable. Nevertheless, the Frenchman came out at the base, like Messi with Neymar… Some experts are convinced that with this trio in attack, the Parisians are losing balance, but, for example, the zx-player and head coach of PSG Antoine Comboiret I strongly disagree with this point of view.

“Is it too difficult to combine Messi, Neymar and Mbappé on the pitch? I do not think so. It’s even an advantage. What coach would not like to have such a triple in attack? On the defensive side, there are seven more players in the back and a goalkeeper. If they can’t defend with eight … All PSG defenders and midfielders play for national teams, right? I laugh when I hear about balance, ”Comboire said the other day.

True, against the “weavers” the coach of PSG Mauricio Pochettino bet on 4-2-3-1. Di Maria also appeared in the attack group. That is, the defense was already actually on the shoulders of six players, not seven.

PSG is not a team yet.  Messi plays by himself
PSG is not a team yet. Messi plays by himself

Comboiret has its own logic, but Lyon still had free space in the center of the field due to the gaps between the lines at PSG. The players of the Parisian attack group, of course, were reluctant to practice in defense. But the “weavers” also tried to put pressure on the opponent – this is how their coach Peter Bosch always plays. Breaking up these attempts of collective pressure from the guests, the hosts could fly to the wrong gate at speed. The result is a fairly open, entertaining and intense football.

PSG dominated, nevertheless, in the first half, Lyon surpassed the favorite in terms of the number of shots – 8: 6 (on target – 4: 3). Messi made 46 touches of the ball – more only Herrera (53). The Argentine, who played under the striker Mbappe, then on the right flank, had two wonderful moments. Coming one on one after a subtle pass from Neymar, he could not beat goalkeeper Lopes. Then he took the free kick. The point was his: about 25 meters to the gate, in the center. Leo hit brilliantly, but hit the cross. Oh, how unlucky Messi is in the first matches for PSG! With Brugge, he also hit the crossbar. In total, before the break, Leo struck three times and was marked with three strokes and a pair of key passes.

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At the beginning of the second half, it seemed that PSG were in control of the game, but in the 54th minute, Lyon caught Pochettino’s team on a mistake. The weavers’ scoring attack was born as a result of a brilliant long transfer from the center to the left flank. After that, Ekambi made a low pass into the penalty area, and Packet scored on touch. The goal was checked for offside. There were no violations of the rules – Lyon took the lead.

PSG hung on the edge of the abyss – the first defeat in the championship. Messi dreamed not of such a debut at the Parc des Princes. However, after 12 minutes, Paris bounced back. Leo threw Neymar into the break, and he fell in the fight against the young defender Malo Gusteau. The referee awarded an uncontested penalty, as in this episode Neymar also fouled an opponent. Performed by the 11-meter non-Messi. Neymar himself leveled the score, cleverly breaking through.

Pochettino was the first to replace Messi. An unexpected decision, but perhaps understandable, because PSG have a difficult schedule, and Leo did not have a normal preseason. Although the forward was disappointed with the coach’s decision to replace him – he looked displeasedly at his compatriot, did not shake his hand. Shortly before leaving the field, the Argentine missed the last chance to score: having played on the wall, he shot wide from behind the penalty area. Messi’s stats after the break: 19 touches, one hit, 0 dips and 0 key passes.

With the departure of Messi, PSG’s game did not improve, and the match should have ended in a draw. In the second half, Paris won only 2: 1 on shots on target (the total number of shots was 8: 4). But in stoppage time after a pass of Mbappe, who had not played the brightest match, Icardi scored a goal with a header from the goalkeeper’s line: another Argentinian became the hero of the evening.