Limited Edition Adidas Deadly Focus Pack

By Giovani Dos Santos – September 30, 2021

Let’s take a look at one of the recent additions to the X 15.1 family, which has an exclusive design, highly technological basis and is intended for those gamers who like to change the rules of the game. Today we are evaluating the Adidas boots from the limited edition Deadly Focus Pack, which was created in collaboration with the famous designer brand Italia Independent. What can boast of the novelty against the background of the new X 15.1 models?

Deadly focus pack

Features of the limited model

These Adidas cleats differ in:

  • extremely light weight due to the use of the upper with 3D Control technology, which also provides players with the natural mobility of the foot;
  • excellent contact with the ball thanks to the unique NON STOP GRIP grip system, which improves ball control on the field in any weather;
  • stability of the shoe on the field at any speed due to the use of the X-CAGE frame located in the midfoot;
  • an updated X-CLAW spike configuration for sharp maneuvers and lightning-fast acceleration.

Deadly Focus Pack Football Boots

Nothing fancy, it seems, the cheaper boots of this line have it all, but the whole point lies in the design of the football shoe.

Black Knight

The high adaptability of the boot is certainly good, but the whole point of this collaboration lies in its unique design. The dark snake print looks very impressive, which is the direct merit of the Italia Independent brand. Have you noticed that the latest Adidas boots almost all have a poisonous bright colors? This model from the Deadly Focus Pack stands out for its rigor and sophisticated design, which in 2016 even looks somehow strange and old-fashioned.

Adidas Deadly Focus Pack

It goes without saying that the limited edition is an order of magnitude more expensive than regular X 15.1 boots, but exclusivity has always come at a price, and our case was no exception.

New Adidas Deadly Focus Pack Football Boots

Who decides to buy this new product, unsubscribe in the comments about your impressions, especially if you previously had experience playing in the base model. I really want to know if there is any practical sense in limited models with an updated design.