Lightweight Mizuno Morelia Neo II Beta in a new design

So the time has come when the most traditional Japanese decided to move away from the classics towards modern technologies. Apparently, high competition in the market or other considerations prompted them to make such changes, but the new Mizuno Morelia Neo II Beta is a whole work of art with modern sports technology.

Review of simple Mizuno Morelia Neo II.

Weight rate

The second generation in a special color differs from the first, but does not lose quality. On the contrary, the new boots are getting lighter and faster, which is what many players expect from the Japanese brand. However, in Mizuno Morelia Neo II Beta their super soft branded leather does not disappear anywhere – a special feature and a quality mark from a company whose products have held a high brand for many years.

Mizuno Morelia Neo II Beta

The main change is the heel and midfoot of the boot, which has a mesh base when the sock is traditionally made of genuine leather. It seems to us that this time the developers have achieved record figures for this model – only 170 grams. At the same time, the boots did not lose their stability and remained so adaptable.

Mizuno Morelia Neo II Beta Football Boots

The synthetic mesh is reinforced with a special inner frame, so the foot is well fixed and does not ride sideways. The rest of the silhouette remains the same and recognizable. In general, this novelty in terms of development is very close to the technological part of Rebula – the second hit from the Japanese, so now buyers will have to make a difficult choice towards one model.

If we talk about the rest of the details, then everything from the first generation remained in its place:

  • lacing in the center, lowered closer to the toe;
  • volumetric stitching of the sock;
  • reinforced heel counter;
  • padded insole inside.

The outsole with carbon fiber reinforcement has contributed to additional weight reduction, as well as giving the plate the necessary rigidity. In general, the entire structure of the bottom behaves very stable, and has a pleasant elasticity to the toe, allowing the foot to feel comfortable with different types of movements. The same versatile combination of conical studs with a central oval stud is responsible for contact with the lawn, which in the first generation showed that another variation is not needed for this model yet.

Mizuno Morelia Neo II Beta sole

This modification of the Mizuno Morelia Neo II Beta has received a limited edition. The buyer receives not only a unique silver color with a bright gold logo, but also a special box. Unlike the simple second generation, the limit will cost only 20 euros more, which is considered an acceptable price tag for an improved and lighter novelty.