Leather vs synthetics: what to choose?

In the past, football boot buyers had no choice over what material to buy their football boots from. There was exclusively leather, but with the development of sports technologies, it was first replaced by artificial leather, and today various synthetic materials + textiles. Now you can buy football boots according to the individual needs and financial capabilities of each player, but many football players are still tormented by the question of which material to give their preference to.


What about the skin? It is tradition, reliability and quality. The old school of football players still prefers to buy football boots made of genuine leather, as it is considered a very reliable and durable material.

soccer shoes

The main advantages of the skin:

  • ultimate durability;
  • softness;
  • good ball feel.

However, these three most important qualities of leather are only possible with proper care, since we all know perfectly well how this material stretches, dries and deforms. This speaks of its impracticality, but one should also not forget about another very significant drawback – poor ventilation, which often causes a feeling of discomfort. Of course, it still depends on what kind of animal skin is used, since, for example, kangaroo or calf skin requires minimal maintenance and at the same time guarantees players all three of the above benefits.

In addition, we note that if you want to buy football boots made of genuine leather, you need to look for shoes that are half a size smaller, as they will definitely stretch over time and become looser.


Today, synthetic boots take the lion’s share of the market due to their main advantages:

  • extreme ease;
  • high strength and wear resistance;
  • excellent breathability;
  • lack of fear of moisture.

In general, modern synthetics are not only not inferior in quality to natural leather, but also surpass it in some respects. In addition, some artificial materials provide an adaptive fit for the foot, which guarantees increased wearing comfort, natural foot movement, and excellent ball control. By the way, boots made of synthetics, including textile materials, are chosen exactly according to the size of the foot.


As a result, we can say that modern developments outperform natural leather, but everyone chooses for himself which football boots to buy, since it is worth trying to play in shoes made of different materials in order to understand what is best suited for each individual player and for the fields, on which games and trainings take place.