Japanese quality in Mizuno Morelia Neo II boots

The first generation of these boots was released in 2011, and then the novelty amazed many with its unusual silhouette and excellent quality, worthy of a professional level. We are sure that many footballers with contracts with other sports brands would gladly choose this model, but alas and ah, they were not allowed to do so. In the first generation, the history of cool Japanese boots did not end, since the next model was released – the Mizuno Morelia Neo II, which retained all the best from its predecessor and pleased with new chips, which we will talk about below.

Mizuno morelia neo ii

Like the base model, the Mizuno Morelia Neo II is the trendsetter among ultra lightweight leather boots. Their weight is only 180 grams. Yes, classic boots can also be virtually weightless, as proven by Mizuno engineers twice. The second generation is also made of elastic calfskin with a special silicone coating. Thin leather with such a coating is not afraid of moisture, comfortably envelops the foot, guaranteeing an adaptive fit. In addition, such a top is very durable, so this model can be safely used as a training shoe that will definitely not let you down with intensive use.

Mizuno Morelia Neo II Football Boots

In addition to the fact that the second model retained the silhouette of the original, the manufacturer added a couple of original colors to the basic colors, thereby finally teasing buyers. Also, the manufacturer did not touch the Pebax outsole, which proved to be the best in terms of stability on the field and in terms of stabilization, so they only added an improved combination of studs to it to achieve maneuverability in any weather and with any lawn quality.

Pebax outsole

To summarize, we can say that the manufacturer did not really change anything in the Mizuno Morelia Neo II boots, as he considers them ideal, even in comparison with competitors. And, you know, we think that he is right, even if this statement sounds too loud. The model is definitely top-end and deserves close attention from the players. In our football leagues it is rarely used, since advertising sells other products to us, but in Japan these boots revolutionized in their time. Highly recommended!