InStat – multifunctional soccer analytic assistant

Today we will again talk about one interesting service that will be most useful in the football environment. We will talk about InStat – a useful analytical tool, the functionality of which will allow everyone who is already intensively involved in football to develop both on a personal and club level.

Who is it for?

InStat is a universal platform designed for professional sports workers. At the same time, this platform is designed not only for football, but also for basketball, hockey and other sports, which should soon be added to the functionality of the site. But, as you understand, we are interested purely in football, so we will consider this resource from a purely football point of view.


So who will benefit from this tool? First of all, it will be useful:

  • football academies;
  • personal trainers;
  • coaching staffs;
  • analysts;
  • scouts;
  • players;
  • journalists;
  • sports agents;
  • judges.

What does InStat do?

Let’s take a look at the functionality of InStat to assess its significance and usefulness for users. This platform provides:

  • detailed information about more than 400 thousand football players of various ranks (statistics + video);
  • a convenient video platform for the whole team to analyze their own game or that of the opponent;
  • tools for creating video presentations;
  • the opportunity to study in detail your opponent, his tactics, the physical condition of the players, etc .;
  • the ability to track the transfer market;
  • the ability to select players according to certain parameters;
  • developing algorithm for independent player assessment;
  • detailed statistical reports for any period of time;
  • detailed analytics for teams, players and games;
  • non-standard analytical information on order;
  • scouting reports;
  • the ability to transfer information between the coaching staff and the players;
  • information on finding players for a specific position;
  • fitness reports for all players or teams in general;
  • information for personal study by football players;
  • multifunctional tools for football schools;
  • reports for comprehensive monitoring of the work of judges;
  • software tools for high-quality video filming of sports events.

As you can see, here for any employee of the sports industry, including the players themselves, there is everything that is necessary for development. A huge database, proprietary analytical tools and many useful tricks that will be useful both for professional clubs and those teams that want to rise one step higher.

InStat Scout

Today, InStat services are used by many professional football players and entire headquarters of world-famous teams. This is a whole international platform aimed at the development of sports and assistance to personnel who are spinning among professional athletes.

In general, we dare to recommend this platform to anyone who wants to seriously engage in their football development, and we also recommend adopting it for teams whose goals include improving the class and taking the top positions in the championship.