How to choose the right kids’ boot?

Is your child in love with football? Great, then the task of every responsible parent is to provide the future football player with everything necessary so that the child’s sports hobby is not only safe, but also comfortable for him. And for this we need high-quality equipment, in which children’s boots play the most important role. Parents should understand one thing that the right choice of football shoes is a very important point, which affects not only the comfort of the game, but also the health of a young football player.

selection of children's boots

Correct labeling

When choosing children’s boots, the first step is to pay attention to their labeling, which determines which fields they can play on.

It should be said right away that boots with the SG marking are strictly prohibited by orthopedists for children under 16 years old. A characteristic feature of such shoes is the presence of metal spikes. They are the main enemy of leg health, as they contribute to excessive stress of the foot, and also affect the curvature of the ankle joint. Training in such boots ultimately leads to the rapid development of flat feet, which can be avoided by purchasing the boots with the markings listed below.

football for children

The MG is a versatile boot (24 rubber cleats) suitable for playing on non-professional pitches. Doctors believe that these are the ideal children’s boots, as they distribute the pressure on the leg evenly, which makes the child less tired and always feels comfortable. In addition, these shoes do not deform the foot and do not put pressure on the ankle joint.

MG boots

TURF (multi-studs). Podiatrists also recommend this shoe for children, the sole of which has an even coating of small spikes that can also evenly distribute the load on the child’s feet.

TURF boots

The MSR is a kids’ boot for teenagers who already have experience with the game and can upgrade to more serious shoes. This is almost an adult boot, however, it features plastic or rubber cleats that expand towards the base to provide minimal foot pressure. Ideal for non-professional lawns or synthetic fields.

MSR boots

The VHG is similar to the MSR except that the cleats have a flat shape to increase the speed of the shoe. As a rule, such boots are looked for by players of an attacking plan, but their main feature is their versatility, since they are suitable for any type of lawn.

VHG boots

FS (Futsal). If training takes place in the gym, then futsal shoes with a flat sole are useful for this. These shoes are lighter than boots and offer excellent traction on flat surfaces.

kids futsal

Shoe material and fit

Of course, the best material for boots is genuine leather, but today sports technologies are so advanced that some synthetic materials are superior to leather, so you can safely buy the latest models of children’s boots and not even pay attention that they are made of synthetics. In addition to modern synthetics, which are extremely low in weight, breathe well and are particularly elastic while maintaining their reliability, today various mesh materials, fabrics, neoprene and other developments are still used in the production of boots, which make it possible to obtain high-quality boots at affordable prices.

football and children

And the last thing. All children’s boots must be measured. They should have a comfortable fit and fit exactly. Here, the option of ordering shoes via the Internet immediately disappears, since any model needs to be tried on, and taking at random is a lottery and the likelihood that the purchase will not suit a young football player.

children's football

In the end, I would like to say that it is not worth saving on children, because saving on equipment means saving on their health, so initially it is worth buying high-quality things so that the child can show good results in sports.