How to buy original boots and not a fake one?

The football market has developed so much that it has given rise to income for various fraudsters and clandestine offices that are trying to sell fakes or low-quality goods instead of original products. Today we will talk about how to buy original boots, because we notice from your requests to our mail that not everyone knows how to choose a store for shopping, and even basic precautions.

We have outlined a set of rules for you that we highly recommend adhering to, if you do not want to throw money down the drain or run in boots, which in a month will have to be thrown away due to unsuitability. But first, let’s figure out what fakes are.

fake cleats

Types of fakes

We would highlight three main types of fakes that can be found on our market:

  1. Defective products… In fact, these are the original boots, but there is some kind of defect in them, so they were not included in the main catalog. This is a fairly harmless option, since some stores buy up such products and if there are no strong signs of defects, they sell them at a reduced price, which greatly attracts customers.
  2. Exact copy… Today, Chinese (and not only) companies have learned how to sew copies of popular boot models. Among them there are high-quality copies, almost exactly visually repeating the original, but, of course, they lack the technologies for which we value certain models. That is, the similarity can be very accurate, natural leather and some simple technologies can be used, but, in fact, this will not allow repeating the comfort and reliability of the original.
  3. Handicraft production… On the market, there are often cheap copies, which are even visually very different, and from what and how they are made, we are generally silent. This is a real consumer goods, which is not even worth spending a penny on.

Basic selection rules

So, if you nevertheless decide to buy original boots, but something confuses you, for example, a cheap price or an unknown online store, you should think about the rationality of such a purchase. We have selected for you several seemingly simple, but very important selection rules, which many forget about when they see low prices, discounts or crazy promotions.

fake football boots

These are the golden rules:

  1. First of all, you should trust the official dealers and stores that cooperate with them. It is by their price tags that you can estimate how much plus / minus the original model should cost.
  2. Be doubtful about new stores or sites with dubiously cheap design and functionality.
  3. Always compare the appearance of the product with the photos on the manufacturer’s website.
  4. Do not react to a very low price, as original and high quality products cannot cost a penny.
  5. Pay attention to the quality of the seams, the evenness of the stitching and to the glued areas, in which there should be no traces of glue.
  6. If it is leather, then it should be free of folds, cracks and abrasions. Also, it should be soft, if there is an opportunity to touch the goods.
  7. Check for original packaging. If a store refuses packaging for some reason, this is a sure sign that they are selling incomprehensible products.
  8. The label on the original is always neatly sewn on and contains all the necessary information. Most often, the originality of the product can be checked by the article, which will definitely not be fake.
  9. If you can feel the boots before buying and try them on, do it. Modern boots have the correct anatomical shape, and it is very easy to recognize cheap materials by touch.
  10. The boot model designation determines the type of surface for which it is intended, which determines the specific combination of cleats and their shape. That is, one model may have a sole for different types of coatings, while a fake, as a rule, is always of the same type and is made very simply.

And one moment. Before buying, it is advisable to read the reviews of the selected model, look at the unpacking on foreign channels in order to visually remember how the shoes look and notice some of its specific features. most often, crafts only visually repeat the design of the original, and little things are always overlooked. In addition, handicraft production is aimed only at the most popular models that have been on the market for a long time and are in great demand, so if you like some fresh new product, then you can be sure that a copy of it does not yet exist on sale.

We hope our tips will help you safely choose original boots and enjoy their quality, since this will definitely not happen in fakes. Let us remind you once again that quality always costs money and a miser pays twice, so it does not always make sense to save money, since this can play a cruel joke on the customer.