How do I buy the boots with the correct markings?

Despite the fact that all boots are designed for playing football, there is still a difference between them. As a rule, this difference manifests itself in exactly what conditions football shoes can be used in, and more precisely, on what surfaces it will be safe to play in them. For this, there is a marking, which is first of all worth paying attention to when there is a desire to buy boots.

Common labeling

Today there are many markings, but we will consider only the most common and those that are found in our country. So let’s go!

soccer shoes 2

FG (Firm Ground). You can buy boots with these markings for natural and synthetic fields. Most often, shoes are equipped with round spikes in the amount of 12-13 pieces, therefore, they are partly considered universal for hard fields.

Firm Ground cleats

AG (Artificial Grass). A cleat with a large number of flat or round cleats is designed to be played on artificial pitches. This outsole design provides maximum traction on the playing surface, guaranteeing the player good stability.


IC (Indoor Cleats). These are purely hall shoes. This marking includes futsals that have an absolutely flat sole without spikes. This outsole performs well on the playing floor and on other flat and hard surfaces.


TF (Turf). A versatile football boot designed for training. The main mark of distinction is a lot of small spikes evenly distributed over the entire surface of the sole. Often they like to call these shoes “centipedes”, which are suitable for playing on almost any lawn surface.


When you come to the store to buy boots, first ask the seller where you can look for shoes with the necessary markings regarding your gaming preferences. Today, every footballer in his “arsenal” tries to have playing shoes of different markings in order to feel comfortable on any field, wherever a game or training takes place.