Gambling addiction: 5 signs that it’s time to quit betting

Historically, many football fans try to capitalize on their hobby, therefore they are very keen on betting. As we know perfectly well, bookmakers always win, but then why do so many voluntarily give them their money anyway? Yes, someone wins, but this is short-lived or one-time, when everything is lost over a long distance. This is a fact that is worth recognizing, but such a thing as gambling addiction does not give an opportunity to come to terms with their loss, which makes many only aggravate their financial situation.

Let’s look at five cases when it is definitely time to end up with bets, otherwise there is a high risk of nervous breakdowns and financial problems. We would like to note that the situations that we will talk about here are too commonplace, but people addicted to the game and tied up for excitement often ignore them. Our task is to once again remind you of the milestone that should not be crossed.

# 1: Live betting on unknown teams

Usually this is done when you want to quickly recoup, but there are no suitable events in the line that you can calmly analyze and put on a cold head. Also in live, always jumping coefficients are very tempting, which makes it possible to quickly hit the jackpot. Why watch the whole match when you can earn for some of its time period?

gambling addiction

And these bets on incomprehensible divisions unknown to the world? It’s like pointing your finger at the sky, hoping to hit a bird. It is stupid, but the excitement takes its toll, so you need to stop yourself at this moment, since the drain of money on live will lead to the fact that there will immediately be a sharp desire to win back the lost. Do not do like this!

# 2: You don’t have enough time for family, family, and friends

Head over heels in analysis, prediction and match viewing? It’s all good, but when are you going to live? Breaking away from reality, living life in eternal excitement and in front of the TV screen is not a way out.

The excitement and the likelihood of winning money, which you will still merge later, are not worth bad relationships with those closest to you. The bets and the unbridled desire to win will eventually end, and it will be very difficult to return the environment. If you do not know how to allocate time for life – end up with rates, they are not worth it!

# 3: Betting on personal savings

You saw a match in the line, in which you are so confident that you are ready to multiply your financial savings, set aside for a “rainy day” or for some important purchase. And why not, if this amount can be easily increased? Usually in this story, many and burn out, leaving themselves without money. Are you a clairvoyant that you can see the future? Where, in general, do people get such confidence in where you do not take personal part and cannot influence the outcome in any way?

football betting

On this mistake so many people got burned and there is only one explanation for this – gambling addiction. Self-confidence and the willingness to risk everything in an effort to easily cash in or win back is a step into the abyss of loneliness, poverty and self-disappointment.

# 4: Borrow money for betting

When he leaked his money, the next stage of falling to the bottom of gambling addiction is to borrow and drain it all again. Most people are poorly versed in betting strategies or how to properly manage their bank, they simply charge on their favorite teams, in whose game they are supposedly confident, although they did not even bother to find out the tournament situation, the composition of the game and the internal problems of the club.

If you are thinking of borrowing, then know that you are already in a deep hole. Playing for other people’s money is even dangerous, because often people borrow on unfavorable terms, sink into debt holes and lose friends and family because of this. Do you need it?

# 5: You’re always acting out

In the long run, everyone ends up losing, but if you notice that bet after bet you have only losses, then you should at least stop and take a break. You need to wait out this black line, or it is better to stop completely, since the reason for the total drain may be banal inexperience, ignorance of the basics of bets or a typical stupidity that many beginners suffer.

What motivates people who constantly lose and still bet? They see successful cappers who only divorce naive people, their wealth and eternal success. They think they can do the same, but they forget that this is a bluff, and if everyone “punished” the offices like that, they would simply close, and so they grow by leaps and bounds. Don’t get fooled by this! If you want to bet on some interesting match, then let it be a one-time hobby, nothing more than fun. And only for that budget, which is not a pity to lose. Remember, gambling addiction is like drug addiction, only on a different basis, so you need to treat it carefully.