For “Spartak” is no longer ashamed. It’s just a pity for him

The defeat against CSKA only reinforced this feeling. What emotion does the club evoke in you?

Probably, only the lazy one didn’t say that the derby between CSKA and Spartak was the worst in many years. Yes, once such a match was considered the main one in the championship, but yesterday there were teams that were in crisis, who were in 9th and 10th places before the game. So a boring game (four chances for two) could hardly disappoint anyone: in a match where nothing was expected from the teams, nothing was expected. Even some vivid emotions: I can only say thank you here to Zabolotny, who ran to celebrate a goal to CSKA fans, and ended up posing in front of a laughing guy with a red and white scarf.

At the stadium, watching the game was even more unbearable than on TV: in addition to the poor quality of football and the lack of full stands due to coronavirus restrictions, it was also finished off by the incessant heavy rain with strong winds. So I wanted to reproach myself for not taking advantage of the good old advice of Roman Shirokov and not staying at home. I’m sure – not for me alone. Although the CSKA fans were better: their team was a little more fortunate, so you could at least rejoice with three points.

Spartak continues to sink.  Now Vitoria lost and the derby
Spartak continues to sink. Now Vitoria lost and the derby

Spartak has had no luck for a long time. In general, it would be interesting to conduct some kind of psychological research with his fans. And throughout the season (or better than several) ask them one question: what emotion does your favorite club evoke in you now? I am sure that a year ago, under Domenico Tedesco, many could have said the words “pride” and “inspiration.” This summer, when the club is mired in internal wars and scandals – “shame”.

And what now, when two most important matches – Legia and CSKA – have been lost in a week? Moreover, they were lost not only on business, but also without some bright, falling in love with the team’s games. The word “shame” is definitely not suitable here – the game wasn’t that bad. Remember the St. Petersburg match against Zenit last season or against Liverpool at Anfield: right there – yes, shame.

The hysteria around Spartak is greatly exaggerated.  Let Vitoria work!
The hysteria around Spartak is greatly exaggerated. Let Vitoria work!

“Disappointment”? To some extent, yes, but you are unlikely to find a Spartak fan who would now defend the club, the team and look for the reasons for the failure in external factors, thinking about bad refereeing or conspiracies. No, most will say that the team’s results are well deserved, and, as is often the case, blame the entire leadership. And he will even call on the owner of the club to sell it (we have heard such calls more than once). Maybe “anger” or “contempt”? Also, no: the players are now definitely not to be blamed for lack of will, and it seems that there is no longer any strength to get angry.

Only one word is applicable to Spartak. It’s just a pity for him. It is a pity that the team, which before this season was perceived as one of the best in the championship, is now dangling somewhere in the middle of the standings – the RPL is losing a lot from this. It is a pity that in the summer, due to the personal qualities of several people in the Spartak club, the fans became interested only in scandals, for which they were well, very ashamed. It is a pity that the level of the players now simply does not allow, at least on equal terms, to fight for getting into the Champions League with Benfica. And even now, when everyone forgot a little about the summer scandals and unrealized transfers, the team is sorry for the bad luck. What happened with Legia, that with CSKA Moscow did not play enough to lose – Vitoria is right, speaking about the total non-realization of chances: it is still unclear how Ponce could have failed to open the scoring in the derby in the 46th minute.

Zabolotny became the main character of the derby and removed the
Zabolotny became the main character of the derby and removed the “curse of Fedun”. He has been waiting for this match for 12 years

But these 0: 1 and 0: 1 only reinforce this feeling about the once strong club. And all those emotions of joy, sadness, shame and even rejection that Spartak made to feel lately, lead to only one feeling: what a pity today this club and its fans.