Football socks: Nike Grip vs Trusox

Football socks have become a must-have for every player and, it would seem, this most common piece of equipment today has become overgrown with technologies that make the game more camphor and effective.

As part of this review, we will talk about the Nike Grip and Trusox socks – we can say, direct competitors in the market, which are chosen by professional players, including well-known football stars.

Nike Grip Football Socks

Now on sale you can find many socks from a well-known sports laboratory, differing from each other in size and form factor, but the technological basis is almost identical, since the socks should play their main function – to be a comfortable layer between the boots and the player’s legs. They also perform protective functions, which is also important to consider!

Nike Grip Football Socks

So, Nike Grip is made from a durable synthetic material that contains nylon, polyester and spandex in different proportions (depending on the model). This material guarantees the best performance with intensive use and regular washing. To further strengthen the most vulnerable spots of the socks, they are reinforced with special patches or inserts.

The knitwear breathes well, dries quickly and is treated with antibacterial impregnation. The Dri-FIT technology deserves special attention, which effectively wicks moisture away from the skin, where it evaporates. This is the guarantee of dryness and comfort during play, for which the Nike Grip models are especially famous. It is also worth mentioning the sock soles, into which an adhesive thread is added. The feet in the boots are non-slip and are securely fixed, which guarantees them additional protection from unnecessary injuries. What else have we forgotten? Small little things:

  • rubberized shin braces;
  • the minimum number of seams that do not chafe;
  • compression zones in the area of ​​the arch of the feet;
  • anatomically shaped for a natural fit.

Trusox Football Socks

To be honest, there is not much to be said for these socks as they serve all the same functions as Nike socks. However, there is one significant technological difference – the gel pads on the sole and in the ankle area. They perform the function of a retainer so that the foot does not slip in the boots, causing discomfort to the player. We will also add elastic zones here for a natural fit of the foot. That’s all, in terms of quality and method of execution, are very similar to the above brand.

Trusox Football Socks

Suarez in Trusox

What’s better?

There is no definite answer, both options are very good and do a good job with their main tasks. If we talk about the differences, then the Trusox definitely win in the reliability of the fixation of the foot, when the Nike Grip in the comfort of the fit. From this we conclude that those who want to get additional comfort choose Nike, and those who have problems with fixing the foot or the size of the boot is a little wrong, choose Trusox.

If anyone has experience playing in socks from the two brands we listed, write your opinion in the comments. This will help others to make their choice.