Football feints: 6 of the most legendary tricks

We all love football for entertainment, and only then for the result, although someone can change these two concepts, but here we have to each his own. A spectacular game largely depends on whether it used football feints, which absolutely everyone loves, when they are used appropriately and give the desired effect.


Amateurs often try to repeat such tricks at home, but did anyone wonder who was the ancestor of the most popular tricks today? If anyone is interested in this question, then let’s look at six of the simplest but most spectacular tricks that are still used by top players.


For the first time this trick was performed back in 1975 by the Brazilian Roberto Rivelino, who, with the help of Elastico, left two defenders on the sidelines and scored an important goal against his opponent. Today, many football players like to perform this trick, as it is very simple to perform and has a special effect that removes an opponent in front of him.

However, Elastico, like other football feints, became popular thanks to Ronaldinho, who in PSG and Barcelona liked to surprise him not only with his fans, but also with the defense of rivals.


On the football field, Rabona was first demonstrated by Giovanni Rocotelli in 1978, and the very name of the feint came from one element of the famous Argentine dance. Nowadays, this trick is readily used by Ibrahimovic and Ronaldo, who like to cleverly execute a pass or cross, misleading their opponents in the game.

Feint Cruyff

As you might guess from the name, this feint was first performed by Johan Cruyff in 1974, when his breakthrough into the penalty area surprised everyone with a spectacular trick that puzzled both the defender and the dumbfounded audience. Today this trick is almost basic, and it is taught even in football schools, where more complex football tricks are also taught.


The first author of this trick is still unknown, but due to its frequent use in his game, Jay-Jay Okocha was credited with developing his attacking actions. Today, the Rainbow is very rarely performed, except at demonstration football shows, since in the game this trick is of little use, although it looks very entertaining.

Crossing forward

This feint was invented by Cristiano Ronaldo himself, who in 2007 removed the Dynamo Kiev defender from his path, after which the fourth goal was scored against the Ukrainian club. A sharp feint in execution can be easily learned if you train a couple of its basic elements, so everyone can use it in their own game.

Maradona’s turnover

Maradona himself once beat everyone who was not lazy with him, and his trick received many interpretations. The same famous trick of Zidane originates precisely from the turnover of Maradona, which even novice footballers can easily perform. The trick is not so much effective as it is effective in the game when there is a meeting with a defensive player.

These are football tricks that have been in great demand for many years, so they should be studied first of all, since there are no complex tricks among them that would be beyond the strength of football fans.