Football coach software: ProTrainUp

A few years ago, coaches passed on knowledge by word of mouth or through specialized literature, and today programs for football coaches are already appearing, which with their functionality can help in this rather difficult matter. With this article, we begin a cycle of short reviews, where we will talk about football software that will be most useful in coaching. The first program we have next is ProTrainUp, so we propose to figure out what it is, for whom this software will be useful and what it can do.

For whom?

It should be immediately noted that ProTrainUp is for the most part a desktop application, but the developers promise that soon access to the software will appear from mobile platforms, which will greatly facilitate the work in the functionality. the mobility of the program will enable trainers to work in the “field conditions” and not be tied to a computer or laptop.


Who is this program for? It is perfect for:

  • football academies and schools;
  • trainers;
  • players;
  • parents who want to monitor the progress of their children.

What can it do?

ProTrainUp allows you to:

  • create a workout schedule in the calendar;
  • keep a coaching journal;
  • track the statistics of each player;
  • maintain a large database in one place for easy editing;
  • create a club training program;
  • create tactical game schemes;
  • make beautiful presentations;
  • transfer data in your personal account among players and coaches;
  • receive personal instructions from a trainer with visual material;
  • keep a personal organizer;
  • conduct team communication / discussion;
  • create libraries with useful materials;
  • create reports in a convenient format;
  • automatically create game layouts.

If we consider modern programs for football coaches, then this software surprises with its functionality. Now you can conduct coaching activities remotely without sacrificing efficiency, constantly be in touch with the players and monitor the performance of each individual player in a convenient format.

Football coach programs

Previously, such a tool could only be dreamed of, but today it is already a reality. It is time to implement such programs in specialized football schools, which will simplify the work of coaches, and the players to watch their growth. We definitely recommend taking ProTrainUp into service, as over time there will be new functionality and new opportunities for the development of football.