FIFA 2021 Regular Practice Ball

Before you is the FIFA 2021 ball, made in the official symbols of the FIFA World Cup, which will be held in Russia in 2021. Designed for regular training, this model boasts beautiful pixel art like the original Telstar ball. On visual inspection, this new product is striking for its seamless structure and rough surface for better contact with the gaming shoe.

FIFA Ball 2018

The seamless surface and TSBE technology ensure minimal moisture absorption and excellent contact. This model has successfully passed all FIFA QUALITY tests for circumference, weight, moisture absorption and resilience. The budget ball is suitable for regular training and amateur matches.

soccer Ball FIFA 2018,

The FIFA 2018 ball is made of polyurethane (100%) and is part of the FIFA licensed collection. Another strange feature is the prohibition on its deflation, which is justified by some technological details of the structure of this model. Unlike the top model, our ball does not have such a clear flight path, but still deserves attention due to its reliability and high-quality rebound.